Children of the Sun~ Prepare Your Life~ Final Review of our Spiritual Purity By GLR ANdReA – Posted on 25 August 2012   Children of the Sun Humanitarian Foundation ~         Prepare Your Life~ Final Review of our Spiritual Purity The 2012 Rites of Passage Begin Soon!       The Rites of Passage Begin this September    Embracing our Spiritual Purity                  Sacred Fire Purification Preparing the Soul Bridge                     Building the Light Quotient The Power of Prayer and Invocation Resources and Personal Support                               The Rites of Passage begin this September       Children of the Sun Foundation is co-creating a Rites of Passage Program for all Planetary Light Servers in which to guide a 12-week group initiation into greater levels of Unity Consciousness and the genuine perceptual and experiential awareness of the self as God.   As a resonant group, we have been preparing our life in order to make the necessary commitment to go the distance in this exponential passage. This is going to be one heaven of a ride, beloved Avatars, so gather your ability to focus with supreme intensity as we rise to meet our divine destiny through these Rites of Passage.    We are in the Final Preparation Phase!            To undergo these Rites, it is HIGHLY recommended that you have an advanced level of control and balance over your three lower bodies – the physical body, the emotions and the mind.   This entails a demonstration of physical purity, having brought the needs and wants of the body under the dominion of your soul. The astral/emotional body is limpid and calm, demonstrating the ability to maintain a state of harmony and balance in the face of adversity. In achieving control over the mental body, your thoughts are qualified by the Divine Presence within and demonstrate a high level of stillness and inner quietude.                                                     Upcoming Full Moon Cycle and Continuing…    Embracing Spiritual Purity                This is our Final Act of Review!   This is our final act of review before we enter into the greater initiations delivered through the Rites of Passage. Having firmly established an adequate level of control over the three lower bodies, we are now shifting our focus to the spiritual body and it’s requirements to experience God Realization.     Preparing for the Higher Initiations   The spiritual body is the pathway through which we receive the incoming light frequencies during the initiation process. In order to properly assimilate and anchor these divine energies into our multi-body system, it is important to have achieved the necessary grounding and stability. Listed below are some beneficial methods to help strengthen our ability to undergo the intense activations stimulated through the Rites of Passage.     Sacred Fire Purification   The Sacred Fire is a highly concentrated activity of light, a luminous radiation that is qualified with specific focuses of God Perfection. It is a mighty current of energy that, when consciously invoked, has directing intelligence in its many forms of expression. It is through these cosmic fires that we can greatly purify our energy bodies to assist in a spontaneous raising and revealing of our divine blueprint.   The Violet Flames of Transmutation are especially useful in re-qualifying all discordant energies into the patterns of perfection. Called forth in tandem with the Platinum Cosmic Light of God Union through the power of intention and invocation, we can effectively attune our vibratory fields to reflect and embody the Divine Presence within.     Preparing the Soul Bridge   The soul bridge, also known as the antakharana, is the pathway through which we experience a greater merging with our Soul and Monad, source consciousness. It is consciously built through the means of intention, visualization, projection, invocation, stabilization and resurrection. This energetic bridge is produced through the power of synthesis, a fusion of the three cords which emanate from the heart, throat and pineal gland. As a result of right thought and authentic spiritual activity, the antahkarana is strengthened to receive the light of the Soul.     Building the Light Quotient   The amount of divine light contained with our energy matrix is directly related to our current level of spiritual development. As we come to more greatly reveal our innate perfection as God Realized beings, right here and now, our bodily light quotient increases at an exponential pace. Invoking the Sacred Fires is a very effective means through which to build the light quotient. It is important to remain grounded during the light building process as these energies are very powerful and can result in instability if they are not properly assimilated.     The Power of Prayer and Invocation   The transformative power of our speech can be used to shift our entire vibratory field. When our words are used in tandem with the unified power of thought and feeling, we can greatly affect the electrons within our multi-body systems, commanding them to vibrate in perfect harmony with the patterns of Divine Perfection. The practice of using prayer and invocation to commune with God, our Body Elemental and to bring forth the mighty planetary rays can be of great service in revealing the innate perfection and purity of your spiritual being.     In Closing…   We are almost there beloved Children of the Sun. Our passage through the eye of the needle is upon us once again. All of our preparations are nearly complete and we have arrived in perfect timing at the gates before the Rites of Passage.   Congratulations on a preparatory campaign well done!