Awaiting Departure
Posted on August 28, 2012

The boat is anchored at the shoreline as the sun begins to set. It will wait there until we are able to board and sail off towards the new world. The time is growing near, we can feel the pulse of humanity quickening at the thought of freedom at last! It is close, it has been a long time coming! Have we done our homework needed to purchase our boarding passes? We were told we must leave our ego and judgment and hatred at the gate before proceeding through. Have we been successful at discarding these unnecessary emotions that do nothing but hold us back from being who we truly are? These emotions were our learning tools that showed us what life was like when we engaged in this way of thinking. It is hoped that we have come to our senses and can now see the destructive nature of these emotions. We are being asked to find the strength now to abandon these emotions and instead embrace love and gratitude.

As we get ready to exit August soon and enter into Autumn we can feel the pace of what is occurring picking up speed. We too must pick up speed and complete our task to abandon these negative emotions and become the magnificent loving beings that we are! The battle for our minds is in full swing now, we must remain aware and vigilant and stay strong in our belief of a better world. The dark negativity is swirling all around us trying to pull us in and under its control, but we must not fall for the bribes and false flags designed to make us follow along. We know the power of love, we can see the light shining brightly all around the world, we must not waver at this delicate time. We are walking that fine line between the worlds of light and dark, it is precarious at times, and requires us to pay close attention and stay awake! We must have faith that all will be well, stay in our hearts and know we are heading down the right path.

Some are feeling the changes strongly, some not at all, but rest assured, they are taking place regardless of if you can see or feel them or not. If you can’t feel them do not panic   and think you are not going to be successful in this mission. We are all different and we experience life on very different levels, but this does not mean we are not all changing, some just sense it more than others. Do not feel discouraged that you are not getting it right if you feel nothing. This is the old three-dimensional way of thinking still operating. The old judgments, assumptions creeping in again. Do not listen to this mind chatter that consistently tries to steer our thinking in a negative direction. Stay strong and be love!

Things are heating up for sure. What we all have to know and understand FEARLESSLY  is that all must fall and self destruct from the old paradigm. There is no way of avoiding this nor should we want to. If you were to buy an old house to renovate and you found out the foundation was in serious condition, would you just rebuild the house and be done with it or would you remove the house and repair the foundation so that it was strong and begin again? I highly doubt you would restore a house on top of a failing foundation without repairing it! We must do the same thing. That is why this hoopla over the upcoming election is nothing but a huge distraction we should NOT be paying any attention to! Until we rid Washington of all the corruption and put new leaders in place, it is a waste of time to even think about November. I for one will not vote any longer for more of the same. The time is now for CHANGE and we must make it happen! Repair the foundation!

So it is time to begin repair work on our foundation in America. We need to begin by demanding what is rightfully ours, our right to live free! We must stand up for ourselves without the fear they have implanted in everybody’s mind. Fear is useless and will not help rebuild our new world. Fear must GO along with the corruption. We need to clean out the corruption, repair our infrastructure and begin to cement a strong foundation. We cannot hold on to the old! Most importantly we must trust and believe in what we are doing and not worry about what will replace what we take away. It will happen as it should and we must not question that. Trust is critical for this whole journey to succeed. It is what we have been learning and practicing all along this path. To trust that all is as it should be and that all will be well. It is time to begin packing our bags so to speak and get ready! The ship will be leaving soon. Grab your boarding pass and let us be off to our new world.

Blessings to you all,