Feeling Disconnected Lately?

My partner in this work and I just compared notes and found we both are feeling quite disconnected from this place right now.  For me, it has been like floating above it all and looking down at everything from a hot air balloon. My partner reports finding that she cares less or not at all about some things that used to matter to her.

If you are feeling something like this, then the information below may be for you, too.  Take what feels right and ignore the rest.

Blessings, Orea


There is a reason you are feeling disconnected.  You and your energy are actually in the process of disconnecting from the “3-D” world. Your path and that of the matter-bound majority are separating, coming apart. If you look at them now, you will see how small and distant they appear.

The way to keep yourself centered and “grounded” in this instance is to keep a loving energy going, connecting you with both the Divine and the Sacred Heart of this planet.  This balance will keep you from going too far in either direction for your own good.

You don’t want or need to keep an attachment to earthly current events, so much as to love yourself over to the more refined vibe of the higher realm, where you will now be a more comfortable fit.  That is, don’t let yourself be drawn into the drama going on here.

Love and blessings for all is the order of the day.  Inner Peace breeds outer peace.  Outer peace provides a rich base (showing me the culture in a petri dish) for deep healing and restoration to the Divine Blueprint.  – A quiet and fertile ground for the easy and quick return to Harmony with the Universe.

You, from this disconnected state, can provide this in concert with others.  By holding Peace, Light, and Love in your hearts, you create the environment for sudden changes that some would call miracles.  Peace, Light, and Love open the realm of possibilities and provide the calm space for gentle shifts that yield huge results.  (Seeing a finger pushing a small, rectangular puzzle piece over a fraction of an inch. That’s the shift that changes everything.)  I had been thinking it was like flipping the switch on a railroad track to send the train a new direction, but I was told that wasn’t dramatic or sudden enough.  Instead, I got, it’s like moving the needle on a vinyl record a little bit, which starts playing a whole different song.

Much of your work is going on behind the scenes, so to speak, as you sleep.   So whether you realize it or not, you are doing exactly what you need to be doing.  This leaves you a little more time and energy to focus on the you that is here, now, which also helps to keep the balance of which we spoke.

We send our love and blessings to you this day, and every day.