Opening to Higher Guidance

Sanat Kumara Channeled Through Janisel of Sananda’s Eagles

Many upon your plane of existence call to those of us in the Higher Realms for Divine Guidance. Oh, my Beloveds, that Call is ALWAYS answered. And we come, and we whisper to you that which ye seek. Yes, you oft times feel the ‘chill’ which goes throughout your physical body as we do this, or you feel our breath as it gently caresses your cheek, or perhaps every hair on your head or arms stands up. By manifestations such as these you recognize our presence, but yet, as we whisper to you, you do not always hear our words of guidance in the manner you desire.

You do not, as you would term it in your reality, ‘hear the words’ [of our guidance], but despair not, my Beloveds, for you may rest assured in the Truth that that guidance which you seek has, nevertheless, been ‘implanted’ within your very Being, even though you do not ‘hear’ at the time. This is why we have, once again, begun to impress upon you the importance of your meditations, your quiet and centered times. For it is by this turning within that you shall find and connect to that Gem of Wisdom, that Divine Guidance, which we implanted within you when you called to us.

We [Ascended Enlightened Masters] knocked on the door to your consciousness, but when you did not hear us and answer, we left your Gift there, on the doorstep, for you to find. And so it is. The Gift is still waiting for you there. All you need do, Beloveds, is open that door and look about. And it is through your process of meditation that you open this door.

There is SO much awaiting you there! For humanity has called out of its despair and need for Higher Guidance for many, many of your years… and we have heard and answered, only to find that these Divine Gifts we brought had only to be left on the doorstep and found at a later time.

A great deal of humanity has wrapped itself in a cocoon of barriers to our energies. They have become so wrapped up in the illusion and its many trappings that they cannot ‘hear’ above the din of noise that their restless hearts produce. It is only by going into quiet, centered meditation that this noise be stilled and our knock on the door be heard. So, I would urge each and every one of you, my brothers and sisters to, in all earnestness, consider making it your daily practice to enter the Silence and listen for our words that we implanted at your call.

There was a time in your not-to-distant “past” when meditation was introduced into Western culture. Some in your society looked upon it as what you term a ‘fad’. Others quickly embraced it for its spiritual merits, and quickly became the leaders for the spawning of this New Age. With the advent of higher technology and the advance of your Internet, the practice of meditation quickly faded into the background and was thought of as passé. Thus, many knocks on many doors were never heard and much-needed Guidance went unfound.

It is time, my Dear Ones, to once again delve into this spiritual practice of turning within. As the cries of humanity grow louder, we find ourselves ever increasing the knocking upon the door, with Gifts and Guidance in hand. Please, daily go into the Silence within your Hearts.

Listen. Watch. Dig around a bit. We are not speaking of rigorous visualizations, the repeating of a mantra, or the like here. We are speaking of centering yourself and quieting your mind. Very simply put, focusing on nothing more than your breath as it flows in and out of your being-ness. Then, ask that the Guidance which we have implanted within you be brought forth into your conscious mind. Then just sit in the Silence and listen. You shall find that Guidance which you sought… for we left it right there for you on the doorstep of your Heart.

I AM Sanat Kumara and I surround you in the Light of our Creator.