Ashtar On The Road Teleconference – August 28, 2012

“Well Greetings, Everyone! We are so pleased to be here with you; we are honored and overjoyed at your presence with us. The World is such a busy place and there are so many changes going on, and indeed, it is at times difficult to even remember that you have an appointment here, shall we say. So we are so pleased that those of you who have shown up have done so, and there will be more joining on the airwaves, so to speak!


“We have heard many wonderful Announcements,* and we want to get one made from our end of things if we may, and that is, yes, our next Gathering** will be the most sacred and uplifting, High Dimensional experience of coming into Oneness with Sananda,** my dear Brother, who is, as you have heard, one who is in charge of the Ascension of Planet Earth. In order to make this Ascension happen, there are things that need to be cleared.


“Sananda’s particular role is to bring forth the high values of Christ Consciousness, the values of integrity, and the values of treating others as you, yourself, would want to be treated. When you are in the highest expression of Love for your own beings, which of course you are so deserving of because, Beloved Ones, you are all Divine Beings!


“We do not often go farther out than what is seen for the next Gathering, but we will make this Announcement, and for those of you who get the goose bumps that is wonderful indeed: Our call after that one, our next Ashtar call where I, Ashtar, have the honor of being your host, and where Sekhmet has the honor of being co-host, we will have a most special guest speaker. This is in honor of the fact that the day on your calendar will be the 9-11*** date, and our guest shall be Beloved John Fitzgerald Kennedy, himself!!!


“He shall come forward with Truth, that which his daughter has spoken of on your airwaves of your television sets. He shall speak to the world on the airwaves of Love, Compassion, Forgiveness and Gratitude, but he shall speak more truth about 9-11 and why it is that it is to be commemorated. We will also go so far as to say that on this particular anniversary we shall be in celebration of the Truth coming out everywhere. There is a time-honored saying which is Truth in itself, and it is called ‘The Truth shall make you free.’ This is what we are here to do, Beloved Ones!


“We are here first of all to spread the message of the highest Truth of the Universe, which is Love; which is that all of us were created out of the energy of Love and that, whatever anyone experiences on the path to that Homecoming to Love, is simply an accomplishment of a mission of experiencing what it is to forget the place from which we all came. And so we shall welcome this Beloved One. He carries the Torch of Truth!


“You may have wondered if there was more to the fact that it was inspired to place the Eternal Flame upon his grave, which by the way is the grave of a clone, and it is because, not only does JFK live in all of his bodies, but the Truth that he was about to share with the World would have accomplished at least the beginnings of what is now taking place. So we invite you all to return. These two calls shall be most significant!


“We are in the greatest of Gratitude to all of you, not only for showing up now, but for opening your Hearts to Truth and for being here as Workers of the Light to beam the World and the Universe beyond, and to tell these great Truths. You know, the most wondrous of the Truths, not necessarily all of the history/herstory which has been discussed here, but the greatest of Truths are the simple ones; they are the Joys that suddenly spring throughout your entire being when you hear a bird sing, or a child laugh, or whatever it is. They are the Truths of Oneness, that we are all one loving energy, whether we have a physical body that we are occupying at the moment, or not!


“The Truth is that yes, because We Are All One, of course we are responsible for the well-being of our Brothers and Sisters. It is that we send them the greatest of Love, Compassion, Forgiveness and Gratitude for them to use as they wish, because they do have free will and we honor and respect that as well. The more we shine forth, the more we come together in Exercises of Love, the more Truth shines forth and the more the great Golden Rule is anchored once more into every Heart on the Planet and beyond, the more the Oneness of all life, and indeed the Divine God/Goddess within every living being, shines forth. These are the Highest of Truths and yet the simplest!!!


“So when you allow these High Truths to come in and guide all of your thoughts words and deeds – and most importantly your perceptions of others’ thoughts, words, and deeds – it is that you are living who you really are, even though you might have a 3D body with some creaks and groans, and so on. This is an illusion; this is your experience in 3D, but you are so much more. We often tell you to look into a mirror, look right into your eyes – never mind some wrinkles or whatever – look into your eyes and see the great Divine Being looking back at you that you are. Start allowing that Truth to take precedence over whatever else you might have been labeled as by someone else – or you might have labeled yourselves!


“You do not have to keep running the same 3D programs. You are awake and your mission here is to help others wake up. And just in case, perhaps some of the disbelief – you know, ‘You’re a nutcase’ kind of comments and expressions to you – may have made any kind of an impression on you at all, now is a good time to release all of that stuff. That’s not your baggage, that’s not Who You Really Are, it’s just what you have allowed 3D to impose upon you, and the programming for this started very young.


“If you remembered at a very young age, well, if you remembered your moment of birth, or prior to that, your time in your mother’s womb, or if you remembered as a very young child certain Truths that you knew at the time – yes, you really do have a friend who is invisible to those who would only look through 3D eyes, but you were so much more than that when you first came into this body. Of course your teddy bear can talk to you, why not? It was a part of your world, you had a guide in your bear’s body! Of course you were here to be Love and to experience only Love, and you knew a place where only Love existed – you remembered Home!!!


“If any of you can remember that raise your hands, because that’s Truth, Beloved Ones, and if you are in forgetfulness of that, then 3D and its programs did a really good job! And you can say ‘thank you because now I know the difference! I know it in my brain, in my Heart, in my Higher Self Being when I travel during my sleep times, when I’m flying my ship or moving my body through time and space, when I feel my Guides with me, my angels, the masters, my starseed family, my soul family, my twin flame!


“Rejoice, smile, go look at yourself in the mirror. You could do an Exercise. You could say, ‘Okay, I want to see my Divine Self during my sleep time or during my meditations, I want to see my light body!’ Yes, how’s that? And some of you already have. We have a lot of exciting things coming up and of course, from all perspectives is most likely the topmost coming event, in other words, it’s number one on your preview list, right? Many, many stars after it, too numerous to count!


“Alrighty, now look around you, or just mentally project yourself around your household, your neighborhood; tune in to your human families, and you will find that there are many who are still so in that 3D box that they will call you ‘looney tunes’ if you make any attempts to send them an email, or call them on the telephone, or just talk to them in the same place, when you try to tell them about Ascension. So send website information if you wish. After tonight, you are not going to find it so painful to look someone in the eye and say ‘Namaste’ – ‘the God in me greets the God in you; I recognize your Divinity!’


“You will find, particularly during this upcoming month – it is a most propitious month for so many reasons on so many levels – celebrations, commemorations, pivotal days, star dates; oh yes, let’s not forget the equinox, whether it’s spring or fall, depending upon where you live, Beloved Ones, it’s a huge day for balance! The balancing by then will become much easier because you will be helping, not only to clear and cleanse yourselves of whatever residues are remaining, but you will be helping those around you, because you will have helped them to wake up.


“It is not to be confrontational. It is not to have the attitude that you know more than they do and that somehow makes you top dog, or something like that, in the 3D hierarchies, you know, the pyramids. Pyramids are very sacred, but you know, the dark hats have used the pyramid to create an imbalanced hierarchy. It is simply to say we’re all in this together! We’re all on Planet Earth and 3D is not what it used to be. It’s a lot more enlightened, and it’s real easy to get into Higher Dimensional perceptions and realities, you’ve just got to take a step up and out of the tar pit, or out of the box or whatever, and open up to Truth. Because the Truth is coming in big doses!!!


“Some of it is pretty 3D Truth, countering some pretty nasty 3D events. We grant you that. Anyone happen to see the Bourne Legacy yet? There’s another, which is a bit lighter, which is called The Candidate. Great opportunities there for some laughter and some insight! As ludicrous as they make it seem you will recognize the players – another Ashtar movie recommendation. We see it all happening anyway, we don’t have to go and buy little tickets and sit in particular seats. But we advise that you might want to do that.


“Alrighty, we are moving into Love, we are moving into ‘wake up!’ Have you ever had a restless night’s sleep, or not enough hours, or for whatever reason after you set your alarm clock, it rings in the morning and you say, ‘Oh no! I can’t believe I have to get up?’ This is the way in which people who are resistant to change are feeling right now. They don’t want to hear the alarm because they don’t understand what that alarm is all about, they think it’s just another 3D story that somebody is making up and they don’t understand that the alarm is about waking up to Higher Dimensional Truth. That’s where we come in!


“We are so glad that you are all here, because that’s what we’re going to do. I, Ashtar, always get to set the scene, so to speak, and we shall have, of course, Beloved Sekhmet in what must be considered to be her finest role as healer. Now, she has a job description that she gives herself that is pretty unlimited. She can be very serious and she can be cracking jokes one after the other so that your sides can literally hurt from laughter! It remains to be seen how she will approach this topic, but be advised she uses humor only to up lift, just as she uses Love. She has given many, many messages on this topic.


“So it is that we shall ask Sekhmet to join us when I am complete with my message, so that we may all join together in the Oneness of our Love, and in the Joy, and yes, the safety and security of her crystal ship. I have but one other thing to say. The 3D illusion is breaking down fast. It’s melting as though you have put an ice cube into an oven! What is going to be left for all of us, yes, those of us who join you from the Higher Dimensions, those of you who are the Lightworkers on Planet Earth, is that your walk is getting much lighter. You are soaring above the boxes so well!!!


“We only ask that you remember Who You Really Are, and that you greet each shocking revelation of Truth where it concerns the dark hats – you sometimes call them the Illuminati – that you greet it all with Love, Compassion, Forgiveness and Gratitude, and you teach this to everyone. In other words, it is to say, ‘Yes, we are coming home; Ascension is a process that we are engaged in preparation for, even at this moment, and it’s all about Love!’ Then you start telling them about 9-11. Now to the listener or to the viewer that might seem to be a little bit of an oxymoron, you call it – how do the two get into the same conversation?


“And so it is to remember that the Truth shall be freeing, but it must be accompanied and spoken with Love, whether you are doing a news broadcast, or whether you are speaking as a spiritually connected, Divine Being out of the box of religion and into the freedom of Christ Consciousness. In others words, Beloved Ones, it is to live the Higher Dimensional Truths in all aspects of your lives!!! That is how the ones that you don’t even know on the 3D level will come to you and they will say, ‘There’s something about you. It is as though you are glowing with a special light – tell me the Truth!’


“Your mission as teachers is getting easier and easier, but at the same time it is more essential than ever that all Truth be accompanied by the very Highest Lights of Love and Compassion for all those who have engaged in whatever the news is about; and Forgiveness for every single one of the dark hats and everyone who has ever knowingly or unknowingly carried out any kind of mission for them; and Gratitude because you know the difference.


“Be proud in the sense of not wanting to hide with shame, guilt, embarrassment, or any of the low, fear-based emotions, of all of the lives you have lived, because you have all done fabulous, superlative jobs!!! You have always been the Light of Love and you always will be, and that is your Truth no matter what color hat you’ve worn in each and every one of your lifetimes. We can assure you you’ve had a whole range of colors!


“And so it is that we are gathered here to celebrate even as we put out the call. And so we only have left to tell you Beloved Ones, how loved you are and how much we honor and appreciate all that you have done, in every place that you have ever been on this Planet Earth and beyond, in all of your lifetimes of expression! You are loved beyond words. And we are with you in great appreciation and thanks to you for partnering with us and being here at this time, and mostly for beaming forth the great Love you are!!! And so it is. Salut!”

Ashtar’s Message was preceded by the Galactic Anthem, given by Kana Benz:
*Ashtar is referring to Tara & Rama’s A&A Report:
An example in their archives:
Transcription by Brian Coe.
Given through Susan Leland, Ashtar Teleconference, August 28, 2012.
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