Archangel Zadkiël ~~ My assistance in your ascension proces ~~ 02/09/2012 Channeled by Méline Lafont. by melinelafont

Greetings, beloved souls dwelling on Earth. I go by the name of Archangel Zadkiël and I wish to step forward through this scribe to communicate with you. As is generally known I am the Archangel of prophecy and of Ascension. And as this time is the golden time of Ascension and liberation, I can be called upon by all of you to assist you in your Ascension process and that of beloved Mother Earth.

My deepest wish is to see you ALL ascend to a higher and greater vibration on which we all can meet and cooperate without being hindered by the numerous veils nor by the many hindrances which up until now have always kept us apart from each other. Those veils/hindrances are now vanishing to make way for a close cooperation and commitment between us.

The Archangels dwell and move effectively around all of you and we never budge from your side. We take on the form of energetic beings, we are multidimensional in essence and can therefore be present everywhere in each specific moment as an energy. This implies that nobody, not a single soul, will be left without our assistance and at all times you are all surrounded by our emissaries and by the emissaries of the Divine Kingdom of the Light. We love you all so deeply!

My biggest ambition is to see you all Ascend and join the Higher Realm together with your beloved planet and star system, which is your rightful path anyway. Duality is as good as over and has provided enough lessons to many souls among you who now have opted for the Ascension process. As to the other souls who have not yet awakened, they will be allowed to learn more lessons on duality for a while longer. They will of course receive infinitely more chances to Ascend.

Allow me to help you pave the way and feel free to call on me when you notice yourself stumbling to release certain issues, which by themselves are rather earthbound or are depending on the illusion in which you dwell presently. Nothing or nobody has to keep you here in this illusion, certainly not yourself nor your emotions towards others. It is necessary to release all, including yourself, in order to be able to depart to a higher frequency. You have to overcome just what you have considered real during numerous incarnations, and I refer to your self image as well. Let it all go, allow me to help you all to release it all, everyone and everything included. This will help liberate you from this illusion.

What you will now release will not only facilitate your Ascension process but will see to it that the next step will be even greater and smoother. The time has come now to work on that, this will not only improve the collective of humanity but also will have a liberating effect on yourselves. Feel free to call upon me, I will gladly step forward to assist you in this.

I greet you all wholeheartedly,

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