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Why I am calling this period of days, “The Window”? It has felt to me, for some time now (weeks, months?) that this 9-9 window was the most potent of the three windows, 9-9, 10-10, 11-11, prior to the 12-12. There is no “evidence” I can present to you about this. There is nothing I can say to prove it. This is simply what I have been “feeling”. And it’s been a pretty deep “feel”.

Also I have been getting this “in your face” passion calling, or desire, to go to a particular place for this 9-9 window, for some time as well. This “going to a particular place” deal is what I often call a “mission”. To BE in that place… to DO something in that place… and/or to LIGHT UP something within or around or via that place. It’s always a very deep calling. And it’s always a…

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