Meredith Murphy – Message From The Council Of Light – Attuning To The 9-9-9 Amplified Grid Energies – 8 September 2012

Posted on September 8, 2012 by lucas2012infos 
Beautiful Beings of Light,

It is still up for grabs how you will participate here and now.  You are seeking that which has the greatest affinity, while being aware that some things which have affinity do so because of habit, others things have affinity because of resonance with your essence. These are two different things and you are wisely attempting to sort this out and come into newness that is about the trajectory in this lifetime, the evolution in this lifetime of your soul essence through this particular aspect embodied here and now.

As you live your life and allow yourself to notice the newness all around you, you are inspired in many ways.  It is really going to become abundant, the inspiration flowing into your life, and so it is up to you to choose what to bring forth now, what inspiration you will support with the form of your being and action, so that energy from the inner planes can manifest in the outer planes, in your experience and in your world.

As life goes forth this season, and the weather of change is underway in obvious and powerful ways, it will be very easy to lose your balance.  This is not the same as losing your way.  {Smile.}  Remember this when you feel uncomfortable with the energy flowing through you.  You are continually receiving more and higher frequencies within your energy field and you will continually need to learn how to flow, use and ground these energies.  There will be, as such an ongoing, seemingly relentless sense of newness. It will help you participate to embrace this.

At present the energy is amping up to the 9-9-9 window, which is an acceleration point toward the December Solstice.  All the triple date days this year, carry amplified resonance with their originating date when particular aspects of the crystalline grid came “on-line” and as we approach the full connectivity of this new grid, these key points in the grid matrix are highlight in ways that are palpably felt. To organize yourself and enter into these alignments and this upcoming period of incredible upliftment and fulfillment, you will simply need to stay in your heart, listen to your body and your self and trust your inner sense of what’s right for you now.  Throughout this arc of energy toward the December Solstice, it will be very important that you let this be true, regardless of how it differs from your plans or from what you thought you might do when anticipating this time earlier. Flexibility is a powerful ally in allowing these beautiful energies of truth to manifest your potential in being.

The reason we call forth you attention at this time is to begin offering you much more frequent updates as the dynamics and cycles of energy will be rapidly changing and being attuned with greater regularity will serve you well.

We offer this in the spirit of love and companionship.

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