Beloved of Love’s Eternal Freedom and Flame to Life on Earth, I am Melchizedek, and I greet each of 
you and seek to enfold you this evening in that which I offer you. I seek to enfold each of you in my 
All Christ Flame of Eternal Power of Cosmic Purity that just compels such Cosmic Peace within 
yourself and everywhere that you abide, that nothing of human duality, discord or destruction can 
ever make contact with you again. I seek to enfold each of you in my All Christ Flame of Eternal 
Power of Cosmic Purity that compels such Peace in your life, that that Peace is finally peace that 
you  personally  experience  in  your  lives,  and  is  that  peace  that  is  found  in  some  of  the  ancient 
scriptures, that is that peace that transcendeth everything that is of the mind.  
Therefore tonight, as I offer this to you and encourage you — each of you — to call this forth in your 
lives, I wish to offer you an understanding that will truly open the way for your Divine ‘I Am’ Being to 
come through these outer selves, so that finally, all that you have sought for centuries of time, the 
release of human consciousness — that that may so recede into the emptiness of nothingness, so 
that your wondrous ‘I Am’ Mind of Infinity might come through you in the years ahead.  
Tonight, I join the Mighty Saint Germain and your own Beloved Akasha in offering to you that which 
is in alignment with what Saint Germain offers in his Dispensation and what Akasha offers through 
her Mystery School to each of you.  
The gift that I offer each of you tonight is my  All Christ Flame of such  Eternal Power of Cosmic 
Purity that just compels Peace inside you and Peace wherever you abide. So let’s look at what is 
meaningful in what you are being offered, the All Christ Flame. Eternal Power, Cosmic Purity that 
compels Cosmic Peace inside yourself and everywhere you abide. And if you, my Dear Hearts, will 
accept this, if you will reach to your own Mighty ‘I Am’ Presence within you and above you; if you 
will reach up to the Seven Mighty Elohim, the Creators of this system of worlds and the Creators of 
your physical body, and when you are reaching up to us, if you will remind yourselves that we are 
not so far distant from you as you think. And the Seven Mighty Elohim who offer the same All Christ 
Flame are actually one with your Light more than you realize or have reminded yourselves, because 
the Seven Seeds of the Elohim of Creation are planted within your brow. And as the Light in your 
Heart extends farther through your minds, your bodies and out into your worlds, that Light of your 
own Ascended Heart Flame nourishes, nurtures, those Seven Seeds that then burst. And because 
those are the Seven Seeds of the Seven Mighty Elohim Creator Beings, your Life is one with their 
Life, and their Life is one with your Life.  
Make this call seven to twelve times a day — you just stop what you are doing, and give it your one 
hundred percent attention with all sincerity and love, and make this call and you try to get it 
written down, Dear Hearts, so that you get it memorized, so that you don’t change the words.  
Because if you do this, and you make the call as often as you can each day, it is the call that will 
build the momentum that you require that gets the release of this Cosmic Energy to you. But we do 
not wish this Cosmic Energy to come to you one time. We wish it to come to you as a sustained 
momentum that is with you until your Ascension. Therefore, “Mighty ‘I Am’ Presence within me and 
above me, Mighty Ascended Jesus Christ, Seven Mighty Elohim, Melchizedek, Mighty Helios of the 
physical Sun, and Great Central Sun, I command your All Christ Flame of Eternal Power of Cosmic 
Purity that compels Peace within me and everywhere I abide, to come forth in through and around 
me now, and I am, I am, I am. I am the All Christ Flame of Eternal Power of Cosmic Purity that just 
compels Peace within me and everywhere I abide. I love and bless that All Christ Flame of Eternal 
Power and such Cosmic Purity of such Cosmic Peace, that becomes Eternally mine, within me and 
around me and everywhere I abide”. 
And my Dear Hearts, when you can, if you would just write that down, and whenever you have a 
minute, you just take a minute — one minute, Dear Heart — and you can give that decree.  
As your own Beloved Akasha shared with some of the students in Vancouver recently, all of you are 
moving into a new place, passing out of a Sacred time of evolving your ‘I Am’ Life in this world, and 
although it feels like you have  heard this before, I say to you,  you have not allowed yourself to 
register the importance of this single and simple message and instruction.  
The Mightiest thing that you can do for your lives that would release such miracles, that would 
release the energy of God directly into your lives in which as quick as a flash that energy becomes 
your dreams fulfilled. The single mightiest thing that you can do for yourselves — if done 
consistently, if done many times a day, not just when you’re sitting down and doing your spiritual 
calls. You do this when you are working in the garden, you do this when you are running an errand. 
When you alone you speak it out, when you’re out in the world you do it silently. And what is that 
one mightiest thing that you can do, that is the  single most powerful thing? The constant, loving, 
adoring, acknowledgement of your own Beloved ‘I Am’ Presence Self within and above you, and the 
call to that Presence to release itself in, through and as you, and to give it all authority to release 
you from all human consciousness, that that Divine Self, that is your true spiritual identity, can 
come forth through you.  
Our All Christ Flame of Eternal Power of Cosmic Purity will build a Cosmic Electronic Force Field 
that is such Cosmic pressure and such Cosmic concentration around your physical body, that the 
pressure of the sinister force and the destruction and the discord that comes from distorted human 
beings cannot come near you, and you begin to carry such a Cosmic Electronic Force around you. 
And the great blessing, my Dear Heart, is the service that it will do — not only in freeing you and 
enabling you, your fellowship and your discipleship in and as Christ, but it will make you, my Dear 
Hearts, the greatest healing Presence and Power to  all life that ever connects with you. It will 
naturally make you the same healing power that Christ was in his day. Eventually, as days go on. If 
you will use this gift, if you will demand and command this come to you, and then put it in the ‘I Am’ 
— “I am that All Christ Flame of Eternal Power of Cosmic Purity that just abides peace within me 
and around me”. And if you will just use that, call it in, declare it in your ‘I Am’ Being, and 
acknowledge your Presence. Do these simple things, seven to twelve times a day, that takes no 
more than one to two minutes — that will be sufficient to create such blessings for your Life. The 
end of all problems, and a pressure of God’s healing Love all around you that will be the greatest 
healing agent to all who look to you for their freedom.  
This is my gift that I offer each of you. I hope you will accept it. Power, my dear sons and daughters 
of Life, is not power until you use it. And I hope you will use what has been offered to you today, 
that you may be raised and fulfill the prophecy of one who loves you so greatly, the Ascended Jesus 
Christ. God bless you for Eternity, and I am that All Christ Flame, I am Melchizedek, and I offer my 
humble service to you at any time you desire it. Try me. Let my All Christ Flame prove itself in your 
world, and you will know and feel and see the Face of God.