Dear Friends of the one great Cause
of Spiritual Freedom, I welcome you into my Flame
as I too feel welcomed into the Radiance of your
collective Flame of Ascended and Free Consciousness.
 I see each of you as not only Priests / Priestesses of
Sacred Fire, but as well the Princes / Princesses of
the Royal House of Father/Mother God. And it is in
this Crystal Palace of Divine Consciousness that we
sojourn together.

You have been told that for such service as you have
achieved you were already spiritually advanced before
this embodiment, even if it is not obvious to your outer
mind or of those around you. The importance of this is
that emphasis from Ascended Master Teaching
previously needing to be placed on individual spiritual
development could then be transferred onto the global
unified advancement of all Humanity. We are past an
emphasis on individual unfoldment and completely onto
an emphasis on collective advancement. We are here to
achieve Freedom’s Holy Star in the next ‘short period of
time’ and this will take sincerely confident Lightservers
whose focus of development is entirely on the whole.
When we ask you to ‘take time to be Holy’ this is meant
 to reconfirm to yourself the great momentum of Light
and spiritual training you already have.

Father/Mother God has decreed that the Earth shall now
 proceed into her next orbit/frequency according to the
Divine Potential within the Great Cosmic Inbreath.
This means that everything is being done to ensure all
Humanity proceeds as one …manifesting the Law
“As I AM raised up so is all life raised up with me!”
But because free will reigns supreme, ‘all Humanity’
really means all who choose this alternative. Therefore
our service is to clear the Way for as many as possible,
hopefully every single being within Humanity, to choose
 Ascended and Free rather than further
experience the difficulties with ego ….

The biggest gift we can Give our neighbors would be to

Choose being wholly Ascended and Free Consciousness 

right Now.   And Know within y-our Heart that

Consciousness Dictates Reality, to manifest. Bless You Big.