2012: What's the 'real' truth?

There are two aspects of this controversy that many, in the Lame Stream Media, have overlooked. As this issue is “revealed” to us, there are two classical poles of contention, on the one hand you have “The West” with all of its many alliances and undisclosed, private compacts engaged in “business as usual.” From this perspective, we observe that political elements of each regime continue to fascinate us with their abject stupidity and amoral depravity. Banks continue to rape and pillage their own people as well as those of their client states. War is ruthlessly raged against a defenseless and undescribable body politic with little in the way of tools and tactics that can be deployed against the machinery of conquest other than their own fragile bodies. Disinformation is spread like a fetid salve upon the wounds of public awareness.

On the other hand, a tsunami of opposition and courageous…

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