Transcript: Sheldan Nidle on The Light Agenda – Part 1/2

This is Part 1 of my interview with author and Galactic messenger Sheldan Nidle on The Light Agenda from August 9, 2012. Thanks to Ellen for the transcript.

Sheldan first went public with the messages he received from his Sirian star brothers and sisters in 1992. He has since written several books, including You Are Becoming A Galactic Human, and continues to share his messages with us every week and host monthly webinars. We talk about Sheldan’s childhood, family and what lies ahead with regards Ascension, Disclosure and December 21 – and more..

You can listen to the full The Light Agenda interview here:

Stephen Cook: My wonderful guest today knows a great deal about our star brothers and sisters. And yes, we, too, will be talking about Disclosure today.

Sheldan Nidle is one of the pioneers of galactic messages. He is a representative and lecturer for the Galactic Federation of Light, and he has now been bringing us direct communications from the Federation since 1992.

And in fact Sheldan has been meeting, conversing and sharing with the Federation and his own personal guide Washta and traveling back and forth between Federation ships for almost all his life.

He set up the Planetary Activation Organization in 1997, and he has written several books, including one of the first books I ever read, called You Are Becoming a Galactic Human. I can highly recommend this book to any one of you who would like to know the real history of our planet and our race’s origins.

And, no, the Darwinian theory of evolution is not in there.

Now, Sheldan has also written three other books: Your First Contact; Selamat Ja — A Handbook for Galactic Humans, and Your Galactic Neighbors.

He continues to post his weekly message from the Federation and has made words like dratzo and selamat ja part of our many of us lightworkers’ vocabularies, and he also continues to host his monthly webinars on a variety of subjects and topics. And this month —incredibly timely, of course — he will be covering preparing for Disclosure.

Now, what you might not know about Sheldan are the things we’re also going to be discussing today, including his life, his childhood, his degree in political science, his role in scientific programming and free energy, and his fascination with the man who brought free energy to Earth, Nikola Tesla, which also resulted in him making a documentary about Tesla.

Sheldan Nidle, I think that’s the longest intro I’ve ever done on the Light Agenda! What a life! And welcome, and thank you so much for joining us today.

Sheldan Nidle: And I am very glad to be here, Stephen. I’m sure we’re going to have a fun time together.

SC: Oh, I hope so! We always have fun! [laugh] Now, you have been front and center for 20 years now, and you are still every week keeping us abreast of the latest information and the situations. What keeps you going?

SN: I’m here to do certain things, and one of them is to prepare the planet for contact. And so as long as that is up there, and on schedule, here I be.

SC: Does that mean you’re going to be out of a job when first contact’s made? [laugh]

SN: They said I’m going to be doing something else. So, I don’t know what that quite is yet, but I suppose as we get closer to the actual event, I will find out exactly what that is. But right now I can say I have concepts, but I don’t know what really is really it, because you might say my new orders haven’t been published in front of my face yet.

SC: Okay. It’s been your lifelong mission. Do you love what you do?

SN: Well, it’s been all-consuming, and I’ve been doing this. So this, to me, is kind of like what I’ve been doing. People can say, “Well, what do you do?” and I’ll say, “I do this, because that’s what I do,” so…

SC: But, okay, so, so, it’s not just that you love it, it’s kind of like, well, this is my job.

SN: This is my job, and I have a passion for it. It’s very fascinating. Of course, it gives me a very odd kind of life, but I just … it’s me. It’s become me.

SC: Okay. Now, unlike many messengers and channelers, you’re not sitting there trancing. You’re not being asked to take dictation. The messages that you share with all of us have, and always have been, actual conversations where you’re involved with I think it’s a committee of around about 20 members of the Galactic Federation. And you’re, like, in a meeting, and then they tell you bits and pieces of what they all wish to share. So, is that how it works?

SN: Right. They all pick up what they want to do in certain paragraphs, and then they come on and tell me those things. Because that’s my job. I’m the messenger. So, my job is to take the dictation as best as I can, and of course they did pick a guy who was just a hunt and peck typer. I’m just a one finger — a one finger magician with the keys.

SC: [laugh]

SN: So, I’m always looking down at the keyboard, unlike people who are trained typists who can actually see what they’re doing.

SC: But in taking that — all right, we said it wasn’t dictation because they’re actually conversing with you, but when you’re sitting there is it really difficult because you’ve got 20 people speaking to you at the same time?

SN: Well, we’ve learned how to work out the general concepts of an etiquette for how it’s done. So, because of that, it’s not that difficult. But yes, we are constantly … as I’m typing we are constantly carrying on a conversation, because I’ll be asking questions about what that one person or a couple of people are talking about. So, and they’ll all be … they sometimes complain to me a little bit, saying, “You’re a little too slow,” or I talk too much…. [laugh]

SC: [laugh] So they tell you to shut up, do they?

SN: No, they don’t. They do it in a nice and kind way. They don’t say it that way. They just say, will say things like, “Well, I’m going to go over it again for the second time. Now, please, keep your attention on what I’m saying…” because they can see what I’m doing. I mean, they … they do what the computer does, which is correct words, but they also correct the syntax and everything, so…

SC: Oh, well, that’s good.

SN: It’s interesting. Sometimes I’ll be writing and I’ll stop for a second, and I’ll see the screen changing. So it’s kind of an odd thing. But I’m —I’m used to that. That doesn’t freak me out either. I just keep going. So, I’m used to it.

SC: So, with that committee of 20, do you know who they all are? Are they regulars?

SN: No, they change every week.

SC: Okay. So, do you get to see them at all? Are you, like, when …

SN: Right.

SC: Yeah?

SN: Well, with the, with the system they’ve set up with me, I have the equivalent of like a 3D conference call in my head. So I have like the equivalent in my head of a 3D video phone. So I hear them crystal clear, I see them crystal clear, and in fact in 3D. So I don’t just see them like you do on these computers, I don’t just see them as a flat thing, I see them as real people, with depth.

SC: Wow. And what do they look like?

SN: Big humans.

SC: Okay.

SN: All of them are…. They usually are dressed in different color jumpsuits, but the Galactic Federation sets it up that each star nation has a different color. They all have different pastels or dark colors. And they’re … it’s like I said, they’re mostly in jumpsuits, and they just … they sit there and we converse. Because they’re used to using … telepathic communications, I guess would be the best way to say it. As … because they’ve been doing it since they were born. So to them it’s no new, unique thing.

And, so, that’s what we do. I tend to talk aloud more than they do. They … matter of fact, sometimes they will ask me to not speak that way, to just be quiet and just talk in their head. Because they can pick it up either way, but they would prefer it that way because they’re more used to that form of communication. So, we go back and forth with that. So a lot of times I’m not saying anything except in my head. Other times I’m speaking.

I like to … I’ve learned since I was a kid to speak aloud. So, people maybe think kind of weird, when they watch me doing this, this stuff. They probably say, well, he’s typing and he’s talking to somebody, and I don’t see anybody. [laugh]

SC: So, I guess it…. That’s no different to any of us walking down the street on our mobile phone, I might add. [laugh]

SN: Oh, no. It’s not.

SC: And you just said they’re in pastel colors. That surprises me. Because I would have thought everybody was in very bright colors.

SN: They’re … they’re from … they go from a very bright blue to a very pastel light blue, to all different colors like that.

SC: Wow. Okay. Now… Sorry?

SN: It’s very, very colorful. I mean, if you look … if you were to see them like I do, you would see, wow, this is really a complete spectrum of colors.

SC: So it’s like a rainbow?

SN: Yes, it is.

SC: Wow. So, when you’ve been writing your books as well, though, have they been there as a committee assisting you when you’re actually sitting there writing?

SN: They come in and they help me with it, yes.

SC: Um-hmm?

SN: In fact, that’s how I … how I do these particular things. I, when I was doing chapters it would be on a certain subject, so I would have them come in and they would narrate it for me. So I would start just doing the same process we were just talking about. They come in, they give it to me as one sentence, three, four sentences, whatever, paragraph, and we keep going that way.

SC: And I suppose when you’re writing the book you have access to the particular expert who’s … within that topic that you’re actually penning that chapter about?

SN: Like, they will have … if I’m talking a certain thing, or talking about a certain thing in that book, that chapter, for instance, or that paragraph in that chapter, or that section, the person who they have decided to be the in-house expert on this particular subject is there to do the narration.

SC: Wow. I’m so envious that you have access to this incredible and direct communication!

SN: Well, it’s something that to me is like, you know, it’s normal. It’s not something that seems odd…. In the beginning it may have to me, but that was so long ago that I just … this … like I said at the beginning, this is what I do. I’m the person in charge of being the messenger, and this is, this is what I do. So…

SC: Well, when you first wrote You Are Becoming a Galactic Human, you talked about our true history. And I have to say when I read that, while it totally was the opposite of everything I’d ever been taught at school or anything I’ve ever read, in, you know, encyclopedias or whatever, or anything I’ve ever seen on TV, it rang true for me. And I thought, I remember thinking to myself, oh, my gosh! We’ve really been lied to all this time!

SN: What we have to begin to understand is that all the stuff that you may have heard in biology or anthropology or anything related to that is wrong. We did not evolve as from primitive apes all the way up to these advanced, sentient beings that we are today; we actually evolved on another world, which is a planet in Vega, which is a star that’s roughly about 25 light years away from us. Vega is a part of another system which is called in English the Harp.

And so what happened was we moved out of that into other systems. The first one to be colonized, with the permission of the local hierarchies in that area, was Sirius, which is a multi-star system. Sirius A is the bright big blue star that everybody sees. Around it are a bunch of smaller stars, almost near dwarf in size. These are Sirius B, C and D.

Sirius B is where humans came. We came roughly around 4.3 million years ago. We became fully conscious beings, we moved quickly through technology into very advanced technologies, we learned to unite with other light species that were non-humans, and we created our first groups of what later became, what is now the Galactic Federation of Light.

If you want the details and the step by step of this procedure, read the book.

SC: Yeah. Exactly! [laugh] Okay, so it’s been a gradual, gradual move back to the light, but it’s certainly sped up in the last few years.

SN: Right. This is the time when we’re supposed to make the big move, so to speak the jump, the shift, whatever conceptual names you come up with for it. We are now at the edge of a time when the Anunnaki and their groups on this planet — the various minions they have, which I now call the dark cabal in my updates, whose purpose was to do two things — step aside, and encourage, by bringing out all the hidden technology and other things that they had kept hidden, into our knowledge.

And that would also allow us, through Disclosure, to see basically that we are not just a limited being that has a small mortal lifespan of a few decades, to a being that actually has the potential to being a physical angel and being a person who has an immortal life, and who now understands the nature of how heaven works —the basic laws of heaven, the rules of heaven —and can take those laws and move them into this physical world and apply them and then become a true co-creator with heaven of unfolding the divine plan.

And this is what we are really meant to be. We are now returning to all those things that we are meant to be. So …

SC: And about time! [laugh]

SN: If I had my way, it would have happened yesterday. But anyway…

SC: Well, funny talking about that, though, because in your message this week you’ve talked about the fact, or the Galactic Federation have talked about the fact, that many of us have been feeling that nothing is happening — you know: Where is this change? Where is what’s happening? Why can’t I see it? Why can’t I feel it? — when in fact a lot is happening.

SN: Oh, there is — there are tons of things happening on this planet. Like in Mexico we have this huge set of demonstrations going on everyday about changing the government, about the fact that their last election was not real, and we need to redo this in a fair way.

You have things going on in Iceland, where Iceland has completely overthrown its old government, has told the cabal banks to take a leap and has thrown the leaders of these banks into jail, and is now writing a constitution based upon what people who are elected by other people in that nation decide is what needs to be in the constitution, and that that constitution will have in it things that prevent what the banks and what the Anunnaki and their minions were doing in Iceland to never happen again.

And we have a massive debt problem all over the planet. The entire EU, the European Union, is on the verge of collapse because the Euro has a hard time being supported when it has virtually un-amounts of monstrous amounts of debt that are so unspeakably huge, that if everybody knew what was really happening they would prob —the world would probably be in panic.

Luckily they don’t know, but they do know that something is happening. There is a whole new system that is going on now. There are new … new banking regulations that are slowly making their way to the top.

Occurring on our planet right now is a massive change, but it has not yet bubbled over to where it becomes this massive thing. But is nothing happening? No. Lots and lots of things are happening all over the planet.

Ireland, with its studies which start the court case against the banks and their debt; Greece, which is in problems right now, which mirror everything else in Europe. I mean, Spain, Portugal, France and Germany are not that far behind in doing all the incredible problems of just living that is going on in Greece.

So, the only way out if you start looking at it country by country, continent by continent, is that we need massive debt forgiveness, we need a new system. The present system has basically failed; it’s just hanging on because the minions know that to change the system as drastically as is required will mean that they’ll lose their power. So they do not wish to do that.

So, the tipping points, the tipping scale, you might say, is now happening.

SC: Which is fantastic. Now, speaking of history, I’m not sure that many people know your true history itself. Now, you were born in New York City on November the 11th, so an 11/11 baby — I wonder if that’s prophetic or not — in 1946. Your grandparents were immigrants from Germany, and because you basically spent a lot of your early life growing up with your grandparents, you actually spoke as a child with a German accent, which surprised me.

And your father … well, you’ve said that your family was quite dysfunctional, but your father was quite violent and he would actually beat you senseless as a child. So can you tell me a little bit about growing up, what that was like?

SN: It was like living in two worlds. It was crazy. Okay. He was a man who lived in a world of violence. He was a former boxer, boxer trainer, and promoter. And feeling very dysfunctional, and he took it out with violence. And of course my …

SC: And often on you.

SN: Yes. Especially when we moved from New York City to Buffalo, New York, which was where my mother was originally from. He suddenly felt isolated, and then he became even more violent. And what further made the whole thing worse for him was all the phenomena that started occurring almost immediately after my birth.

SC: Okay. Now, your mother, though — and we’re going to come back to some of those things —but your mother was a mathematical genius.

SN: Right. She wo — she twice won the Jesse Ketchum Award in Buffalo Public Schools, which meant you could go to college basically free. Now, it was in the Depression, and of course she was — she was basically keeping the books for her father’s business. My grandfather on my mother’s side was a baker, and he had come from the German liners. He was — he basically left the German liners in the early 1900s. I think he came to Buffalo originally around 1906, 1908, some time-line around there, and he of course started a bakery, a German bakery.

And of course I grew up with baking. And my mother was an excellent baker. She wasn’t much of a cook, but she was an excellent baker.

SC: So, in fact, though, you’ve got a mother who’s a fina — or, sorry — a mathematical genius, and a father who came from a quite pugilistic background, and yet the two of them really loved you from the moment you were born.

SN: They had a love-hate relationship with me. It was really weird. I had this … It was insane, actually, as far as I’m concerned ….

SC: [laugh] In what way?

SN: My dad would take great deference to me. My mother would take great deference to me. Because they were afraid of me because of the stuff that happened around me, the phenomena. The … so …

SC: Well, talking about that phenomena, your first extraterrestrial UFO experiences actually began quite soon after birth. And you were quite threatening to them in many ways, as in your parents.

SN: My parents had never seen blue lights flashing in their homes. They had never seen strange beings come in and leave. They had never seen the fact that I suddenly was there, and I wasn’t there. They also saw that I had the ability to move things around. They also saw I had the ability to talk to them even when I was a small child and couldn’t quite talk yet — when I was like six months old I would be able to telepathically speak to them.

That caused a great deal of difficulty with them. They were totally confused by this.

SC: Well, you would be, though, because in that day, in that age, it would almost be like you thought you had — and I don’t like this word —but almost like you had a devil child come into your home.

SN: Probably. You could see, you could see that. Of course, the thing that probably got them was when … if they would try to get too violent with me, there would be this energy around me. So they couldn’t do really anything initially.

SC: So, when did visitation begin for you?

SN: From the beginning.

SC: Okay. So, almost from the moment you were born, and you can remember that vividly?

SN: Yes.

SC: And what were those first visits like? Because you had a guide. His name was Washta

SC: … and he instantly made himself known to you.

SN: He made himself known instantly. He just took over — he said his job was to be my mentor. And that’s what he was.

What happened was I, I began to believe that their world, meaning the world of the ships, was the real world, and the stuff I was encountering every day in my life on Earth, whatever incidents or whatever things going on to me seemed totally crazy. I could not understand why people were violent. I could not understand at all what was going on.

SC: So this is even as a very, very young child?

SN: Very young child. I did not und …. I felt like I was like a Chinese coolie who had escaped across the ocean and suddenly wound up in San Francisco.

SC: [laugh] So tell me about Washta. I mean, I know that you’ve said he came to you in blue and purple robes. But what was his energy like, and what did he do for you when you were a baby?

SN: It was like being with an angel. It was the most beautiful, fantastic, incredible experience. I cannot say enough about that energy. It was like being in heaven.

SC: Wow.

SN: …it was heaven expanded. You had no fear. You had no anything, except feeling this unbelievable, incredible joy.

SC: Because he told you you were Sirian, but through him you also had contact with Andromedans and Pleiadians. And he helped take you to and from the ships even as a young child. How did you travel to and from those ships?

SN: We teleported.

SC: But he also placed you in a bit of a heavy trance?

SN: They did when I was young. Was they said the best way for me to teleport was to do it gradually. And so they would put me in a stasis state, which would put me to sleep. And then I would go … and the only sense I would have.… When I finally grew older and I finally went to … I used to love to go up to the top of the Empire State Building, and the way the elevator feels just about the time before it stops? That’s what it felt like.

SC: Okay.

SN: …..wonderful feeling. And so I’d have two minutes of that, and then you would be there. And the energy was immediate, and you would feel it, and you would no longer feel any, like I said, any fear, any limitations. You were put in a special state on that ship where you were completely able to be almost like a fully conscious being. And so I began adapting that that reality.

SC: And they instantly started teaching you, though, didn’t they? You were six months old knowing how to speak or to telepathically speak. They downloaded information to you the whole time?

SN: Right. I felt this information. And when I got a bit older, when I got a few years old, like two or three or four, and to have full-out use of their educational system, which is … I call it the learning wall. They would take you to the ship, they would put you in this special chair where you felt absolutely comfortable, they would turn the energy on on the wall of light, and you would telepathically feel, and you would see … it was like in 3D television, which I experience right now. That’s why when I experienced it after what I did with the learning wall it didn’t feel anything odd or strange or unusual.

So, you would just go in there, and you would wind up falling asleep, because it was perfectly balanced energy, and you’d just go into a natural stasis. And you would feel this energy around you, and you would feel like you were a fly on the wall in any kind of history situation. They would take me backwards in history, and they would take me a little bit forward.

And once they even showed me, well, what will the world look like after all the changes happen? And so they, they did this. They showed me what the world would look like. And there were no buildings, there was no civilization whatsoever on this planet. It was just incredibly pristine, and you didn’t see roads, you didn’t see planes, and all that, all that stuff was nonexistent.

SC: So, when you were going up and back, though, like, were you freaked out? Because in my visual of, you know, reading your books and seeing and talking to you and hearing you over the last few years, it sounds like it was a scene out of Star Wars. You know when you walk into that cantina and there’s all those incredible faces and beings from all around the world? Sorry, the galaxy, rather, or the universes. Is that what it was like? And was it scary at that time? Because you were young.

SN: It wasn’t. Mostly, I started out mostly with humans.

SC: Um-hmm.

SN: Actually, what Washta started doing was he saw I was totally acclimated to the fact that you felt awfully small because … I was a small kid until I was about ten, then I started to really grow. But — I’m about five eleven right now. But I was little, and of course when you see a dinosaurian, they are eight to nine feet tall. So to