A reader has asked: “In today’s [Sept. 19, 2012] update SaLuSa mentioned something that has us confused. It was stated that the expected changes for the New Age will now occur after Ascension. … If we are reading this correctly, it seems like SaLuSa just announced a huge change in the lineup!”

The reader wonders what the status is of NESARA, the new governments, Disclosure, etc., in view of SaLuSa’s remarks.

The key passage leading to his questions appears to be this one:

“Naturally the expected changes will commence very shortly, as the New Age must be launched so as to break up the old paradigm. The new one is waiting to be introduced, and its benefits are to be shared by you all. Completion cannot however take place until you have Ascended, as those who are the dark Ones are not to be the beneficiaries of that which is for those of the Light.”

Three Types of Events

Where the confusion may enter in is that in this message SaLuSa refers collectively to three distinct types of events that are happening. The three types are:

(1) Geophysical events such as Earth changes.

(2) Sociophysical events such as the fall of institutions like banking, financial systems, and governmental systems and the arrival of new institutions like NESARA and the new governments, and arrival of the galactics with Disclosure and First Contact.

(3) Technological events such as the arrival of new medical, transportation, and construction technologies.

SaLuSa makes several statements but it’s not necessarily clear to which of these three types of events his statements apply:

“The changes [which changes?] will come and new governments will take over from the old guard. Financial changes will go ahead to ensure that there is never a repeat of the corruption that is bringing them down. That [what?] will certainly happen soon, and our presence will be acknowledged, enabling us to draw closer to you.”

“Everything you expected to take place will do so.”

“While the cleansing [Earth changes or fall of old institutions?] takes place it may appear that all is in some state of disintegration, and that is true to the point that the old ways and systems [which old ways and systems?] have to go. Anything that cannot hold up in the higher vibrations [Geophysical? Sociocultural? Technological?] clearly has no place in them. So do not despair or get depressed as all is ready now to replace the old systems [which old systems?].”

Possible Timetable

That having been said, I summon up all my courage and give my best guess at what may take place to the three systems, hopefully to reduce a little of the confusion.

(1) Earth changes will occur to Gaia before and after Ascension.  The major changes I believe will happen before. We’ve been told many times that these are happening under the watchful eye of the galactics and celestials and will be managed to cause the least possible dislocation.

But some conscious, cosmetic, surface changes may still happen after.  So it’s possible that SaLuSa’s statement that change will be completed after Ascension may apply in part to changes to the Earth.

(2) NESARA, as far as all indications are, will be introduced (sigh) shortly. It was intended to be introduced on 9/11. (2)

It’s designed to draw a line in the sand between the old and the new. It’s designed to relieve inequality, hardship, and stress among people so that they can begin a new lifestyle on Earth and also prepare for Ascension. There’s much more that could be said about NESARA. My statement is not meant somehow to be complete on the subject.

However some people who awaken late in the game may feel the need for currency and such financial tools after Ascension while many, familiar with the ability to construct from thought, won’t feel the need to continue with currencies, etc. So it’s accurate to say that NESARA will continue after Ascension for those who wish to continue using it.

(3) New technologies will be introduced before and after Ascension. Obviously they’ll be different before and after, given that we’ll be in different dimensions. Technological change will be a constant, I would imagine, forever.

New Age vs. Ascension

Another distinction needs to be made to lessen confusion and that is between the “New Age” and “Ascension.” “Ascension” is a physical and spiritual event which the sudden school, to which I belong, maintains will happen on Dec. 21, 2012. The “New Age” is a social and cultural construct that refers to an era in terrestrial history that is already beginning and will continue indefinitely after Ascension.

Previously we’ve seen other ages in Earth’s history such as the Middle Ages, the Age of Exploration, and the Age of Enlightenment. These terms mark off different periods of endeavor or lifestyles whereas “Ascension” refers to a definite event. So, yes, the New Age is beginning soon or has begun, depending on your point of view. No, the New Age does not await Ascension. In my view, we’re in it already.

So when SaLuSa says that “completion cannot however take place until you have Ascended” and “the expected changes will commence very shortly, as the New Age must be launched,” there’s no contradiction because the two events being referred to are different. The two sets of terms don’t cover the same conceptual territory or do the same work.

Lest we think that SaLuSa has somehow erred in what he has said, I might share something that Archangel Michael said to me, I believe, in my last reading with him on Sept. 14.  He said that he sometimes leaves matters a little uncertain on An Hour with an Angel to encourage us to do some of the thinking for ourselves. SaLuSa here too may be wanting us to exercise our own powers of discernment by being deliberately vague. Just a guess.

Change, Change, Change

A last distinction that needs to be made is that change is and will always be a constant in God’s creation.  There will never be a time when we escape change.

As Sri Krishna said: “The nature of the relative world is mutability.” (1)  It is so because there is constant expansion until the return to God.  Spiritual evolution is a perpetual process until our return and then, as I understand it, we agree to come back and help those who are still on the homeward journey.

In fact many of us are doing that now: we’ve agreed to leave higher dimensions and don this heavy 3D wet suit and spend time in duality assisting with this very Ascension. So we go up and down, back and forth, in a process of continual change.

And now we’re about to enter a period of rapid, concentrated, almost dizzying change and there may quite likely be much confusion. That’s why we lightworkers are here.

The easiest way to minimize it, I think, is to remember that, even though the cabal has hung on longer than anticipated, the Divine Plan for this age can accommodate change and the galactic and spiritual forces here to help us with the changes are ample and powerful.

The changes that need to happen will happen. Some may be accomplished before Ascension and some may be partly completed before and fully completed after.  But “everything you expected to take place will do so.”

Armed with these conceptual distinctions, it’s my hope that we can wade through his discussion of coming changes and sort out what SaLuSa’s saying. Moreover, if SaLuSa is deliberately trying to get us to discuss events so as to develop our own conceptual wings, well, I hope he succeeds and we do wrestle with some of these notions.

Before long, we may need to remember to take a deep breath and remain calm and centered. We knew the carousel would begin turning and it’s on the verge of doing so. Everyone hold on tight as the place begins to swing.

(1) Sri Krishna in Swami Prabhavananda and Christopher Isherwood, trans., Bhagavad-Gita. The Song of God. New York and Scarborough: New American Library, 1972; c1944, 74.

(2) On Sept. 14, in a personal reading, Archangel Michael revealed that in fact NESARA “was intended to begin, as you have guessed, on 9/11. And there has been disruption, as you know.” (Archangel Michael through Linda Dillon in a personal reading with Steve Beckow, Sept. 14, 2012.