Only in 3D do saints and sinner rub shoulders I don’t think I can leave off reading SaLuSa’s most recent message (Sept. 21, 2012) without commenting. There is so much there that offers reassurance and puts events in context. For instance, notice this mention: “Just now a number of actions that are destined to start the changes are proceeding well, and it is likely that all of a sudden some of them will announce themselves to the media.” Remember that Archangel Michael said that NESARA was due to be announced on Sept. 11 and the anti-Muslim film caused widespread protests that forced a cancellation. But AAM said it would not be a long interruption. Given that we know very little of how things are organized, we probably conclude that the protests themselves made the environment hostile to NESARA’s declaration. But it could be that the matter is much more complicated than that, as I saw for instance when I heard how the Denver shootings forced a postponement in Disclosure. The chain of events was much more complex than a simple reaction to violence. I acknowledge that we’re all probably weary of waiting. But I still do believe that SaLuSa’s comment is designed to prepare us for an announcement. He adds that “all that is due to you by way of changes will rapidly come into being.” We’ve been told that the pace at which the changes will be introduced will be dizzying. Notice his comment that “because everything is in the now we do not view things as you do, and we see the overall picture which shows that completion of this cycle will work out as intended.” Has he not answered the questions about how it is the galactics are so certain that matters around Ascension will work out? Do we fully appreciate this comment? “There is no place in the new dimension for anything that is less [than freedom from the dark], and you will be able to feel the heightened vibrations. It will be quite a new experience to know that every other person with you is of the same vibrations, and to be trusted and honest in all of their contact with you.” Perhaps ponder that for a moment. Only on the Third Dimension does the saint rub shoulders with the sinner. Abraham Lincoln, Gandhi, JFK, RFK, Martin Luther King could not be assassinated on the Fifth Dimension because no negativity can enter it. Everyone we meet will be virtuous and pure. Can you imagine what a relief that will be? Now a word on the New Age: “The Golden Age will take you far, and if you have ever wondered what Heaven would be like it is the nearest you will get to it. The sheer harmony in all life will be so apparent, and it will be a joy to be alive and experience it. Since all your needs will be supplied, you will enjoy a level of happiness and satisfaction seldom felt at present.” In fact most people may not be aware of it but the “seven heavens” are in fact the seven subplanes of the Mental Plane or Fifth Dimension. When St. Paul said he met a man from the third heaven, he was referring to the third subplane of the Fifth Dimension. And what a wonderful description of what will be waiting us there. That having been said, even a heavenly life will not stop us from evolving further, he reminds us: “In fact you will never stop seeking and learning. Evolving is a slow progress but your Guides will gently lead you on to a greater understanding when you are ready.” As the dark ones continue to falter and leave the stage he asks us: “Show that you have evolved beyond judgment, and allow the course of natural justice of the higher laws to look after those who are yet to answer for their crimes against Humanity. You have enough to occupy your minds with as your wonderful future unfolds.” Nonetheless the dark ones who remain will make ineffectual motions to start a nuclear world war, he says, and reassures us: “On the dark side the warmongers still try to start another World War, but do not be alarmed as they will not be allowed to do so. We can use whatever powers we have to prevent it, and some of our advanced technology is quite astonishing and absolutely perfect for these purposes. Indeed, we have often used it to keep a relatively peaceful situation on Earth, when certain elements would have launched all out war against another country.” And he reminds us: “When we need to we can zoom in on any person wherever they are, so there is no hiding place for the dark Ones. When it is time to bring them in we shall waste no time in placing them where they can no longer obstruct the process of Ascension.” He assures us that, if we take action, as InLight Radio did in issuing its video, we will be protected. “For the time being we look to you to do whatever is necessary to obtain the authority to take them out of circulation. We know you have experienced problems when you have previously tried to do so, but the situation is changing and your time has come to take action. You will have our protection and can go forward with confidence.” “See how near you are to completion of this cycle,” he chirps and reminds us that “even by your reckoning there is so little time left before this cycle comes to an end.” The Light on the planet “is expanding exponentially and will see you safely through your Ascension.”