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Written by Steve Beckow


Folks, as you know, I have the greatest respect for Matthew Ward. Matthew has guided us through our worries and fears for as long as I can remember, with level-headed, sage advice. And Hatonn has done the same.

But I’m being asked to comment again on his view of Ascension – that it’ll happen gradually and not on a day like Dec. 21, 2012.

I personally have no idea when it will happen or not happen. All that I personally can do is to state the various views of those I trust, as I have done already in the following articles, as Stephen Cook mentioned earlier today.




Here’s the difficulty with saying more on the subject. The “more” that I’d say would simply boil down to the same comment, that SaLuSa and Archangel Michael say Ascension will occur suddenly on or…

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