Thank you for this story. Blossom Goodchild – September 25, 2012 Anthony: Don’t forget Blossom is Stephen Cook’s guest on The Light Agenda tonight Blossom is also one of the 12 speakers at the 2012 Scenario Conference Sedona in October. The second Conference is now selling quickly. Blossom: Good morning to you. I FEEL it would be lovely if you could offer some advice about how to deal with all the ‘discrepancies’ regarding what is to take place over the next few months. One FEELS very much in limbo, and quite confused about what may or may not take place. Some FEEL ‘Up we shall float’ on the 21st Dec, if not before … Some FEEL there shall be floods and earthquakes and all systems of communication will be gone and we shall be back to community spirit … Some FEEL ships will arrive and all will be panic for a while … some FEEL we shall have a Christed Light descend … Some have no idea whatsoever about any of this. So for those of us who ‘Have the choice’ as to what to ‘Think and FEEL’ … what would you to say to us … as in how to get through all this whilst we wait for any of the above to take place ? Good morning to you also . We accept that these so called ‘discrepancies’ might allow for one’s thoughts to be in a veritable whirlwind. Yet we suggest that the mastery of PEACE within would allow all concerns to disappear immediately. When Peace resides within the soul self … for this is what the TRUE SOUL SELF IS … there would be no thoughts of ‘What if this … What if that’ because one’s Peace of mind simply lives in each moment of now … IN PEACE. Then could you perhaps give us pointers as to how to find that PEACE? For the closer the end of the year is getting, the more one seems to be in a place of complete ‘Not knowing’. I am not asking you to tell us what is to happen … you say a BIG EVENT … and I respect the fact that you choose to leave it at that. So … finding the Peace within … are you going to say ‘meditate more’ etc. … things that we already know? If you already knew these things then we would have to say … why are you not putting them into BEING? Because of everyday life whizzing by and although meditation is in my routine … I do not FEEL anywhere close to levitating with my legs around my ears! And what good would that do you or indeed anyone!? Dearest souls … we encourage one to ‘Switch off and visit home’ as often as one can. We have offered the benefits of this many times … yet we understand also that there is much to be achieved in one’s day other than this. Therefore may we suggest something very simple to attend to? Shoot! KNOWING! KNOW KNOW KNOW THAT EVERYTHING IS WELL. KNOW KNOW KNOW that no matter what occurs … it is part of the DIVINE PLAN. When you TRULY KNOW THIS … when it resides within every cell in your body … when every thought has that knowledge within it … then there can be no unsettlement. And as you continue to strengthen this KNOWING … there comes into BEING the PEACE that you seek. During times of confusing thoughts … BE IN CONTROL … TAKE CONTROL … of how you choose to think. When you encounter the ‘What if’ syndrome … directly change your thought to experiencing a WHITE LIGHT within you and emanating outwards. Take a few deep breaths and KNOW … that ALL IS AS SHOULD BE. You … the strongest of the strong … are completing your tasks with each breath you take. You ARE fulfilling your purpose. You are here … doing what you came to do … and when the BIG EVENT has taken place … you shall continue to do what you came here to do … yet there shall be a difference … a magnitudinal difference … for you shall FEEL different . You shall be aware of so much more of the plan. So much will slot into place as many pieces of the jigsaw puzzle are presented and fitted into their rightful place to complete the picture. This is why we continue to say to you … BE LOVE … ONLY LOVE . I understand this … yet from our point of view … yes … many of us are BEING LOVE as much as we FEEL we are capable of BEING at this time. Yet let’s be honest … If you were in our situation … you can’t tell me you wouldn’t mind having an insider ‘spill the beans’ so that you REALLY KNEW what to expect ? Dearest souls … YOU ARE THE INSIDER! YOU ALREADY KNOW and when things really start moving and presenting themselves outwardly AND inwardly … your recall button will be activated. We have said before … it will be as if a switch has been turned on and ‘Off you go’. It is to do with the timing, in order for all to go smoothly. It would not be justifiable to ‘Flick the switch’ early … not for anyone … because much could go awry if that was to happen. So … will it be (metaphorically) like a master switch? … Or a switch for each individual as and when they are ready? No … it shall not be at different times for each. It shall be as you say … like Lightening. A Lightening up. And as said before … it will affect souls differently depending on what level they are already … within . THEN shall things make sense. THEN understanding on many new levels shall be present within. THEN all misunderstanding of the ‘What if’s’ shall be understood. We say to you in TRUTH dearest souls … TRUST! TRUST that this GRAND TRANSFORMATION is for THE GOOD OF ALL. MAY WE STATE AGAIN … THERE IS NOTHING TO FEAR … NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS. Ok … I hear you … yet … when you say ‘No matter what happens’ … if we hadn’t had this insight from you about ‘Nothing to fear’ … would whatever is going to happen … in normal circumstances make us be fearful? Is it that certain things may take place and we have to be on our best behaviour and remember that you said ‘There is nothing to fear’ even if things were going on around us that made us shiver in our boots? Is this when we become the strongest of the strong? Or is nothing like that going to take place? For I know you have said quite ‘Lightly’ that some turmoil and turbulence would be inevitable. There shall be signs to lead the way. Yes, there shall be upheaval … yet it shall be short-lived. And yes … we are reading your thoughts at this time Blossom … and no … we shall not reveal what kind. Yet this is when your strength shall ‘kick in’ … and we wish to say to you … that it shall not be how you imagine it to be. Very little is. That’s an interesting statement … because you say to us to create our New World through our thoughts Indeed this is so … yet is it not that when you actually ‘arrive’ at your creation of thought made into reality … you FEEL differently from how you thought you would FEEL when you are in it? Because you are living it in that moment of now compared to living it in its dream state. Mmm! … and there lies 55 chapters! There is a KNOWING inside each one of you that you are here for a reason. If this KNOWING is not at the forefront of your BEING NOW … then it shall be. I can FEEL what you are trying to portray and yet words are once again inadequate to get across the FEELING of KNOWING I am having about this KNOWING right now! Yet each one of you will encounter it and KNOW exactly what it is you are to be doing when you are in alignment with that phase of the DIVINE PLAN. WE STRESS MORE THAN EVER … FOLLOW YOUR HEART. CONNECT UP WITH THE ONENESS THAT IS ALL. THIS IS NOT SOME RANDOM GUESS WORK. WHAT IS TO OCCUR IS HEAVENLY BLESSED. THERE IS NOTHING TO FEAR! There shall be an adjustment period … yet it shall be one of excitement … You seem to forget Blossom that there shall be a ‘New You’ during this transitional period. So how you think about things ‘Now’ is the way you are thinking in ‘The Old You’. How you will view things as ‘The New You’ shall be so much easier to BE IN LOVE. FOR YOU WILL BE MUCH MORE IN IT! AS IT! OF IT! So again we say … TRUST. Trust in yourselves and TRUST in what is to be. I am doing my best. That is all any one of us can do. At the end of the day … what will be will be … and why not LIVE LAUGH LOVE our way through it as an example to others … and spread that energy all around. Why not indeed! Oh … OUR LOVED ONES …TAKE A MOMENT … NOW … STOP AND TAKE A MOMENT TO FEEL THE LOVE AND LIGHT AND ENCOURAGEMENT THAT WE SEND YOU. FEEL IT WITHIN YOU … AND LET IT SWELL. LET IT BUILD UP WITHIN YOUR ENTIRETY AS YOU CATCH YOUR BREATH IN RECOGNITION. AS YOU CONNECT WITH US IN THIS WAY … SEE AND FEEL THE LIGHT THAT YOU ARE EXPANDING ALL AROUND YOU … FEEL IT PULSATE WITH THE HEART BEAT OF THE ONE. IMAGINE ALL HEARTS IN THIS RHYTHM … BEATING AS ONE. THEN BELOVED SOULS … YOU WILL REMEMBER HOME. WE LOVE YOU AS YOU LOVE US. WE GIVE YOU THANKS FOR YOUR COURAGEOUS ROLE IN THIS DIVINE TRANSITION. SO CLOSE. SO VERY CLOSE NOW ARE WE TO YOU ALL. That’s it … time’s up I can tell . Thank you as always and please NOW … YOU take a moment to FEEL OUR LOVE coming right back at-cha! In Love and thanks and … PEACE.