Ascension – December 21, 2012. What’s up with that?
Ascension is Free (no money required)
Awake – Are You Awake? What does this mean?
Awakening Sessions – What Are Awakening Sessions?
Channeled Messages – What’s the deal?
Death – No such thing?
Donations – Why do you ask for donations?
Earth Allies – Who are the Earth Allies?
Earth History/Illuminati/Cabal
Eating Meat
The Galactic Free Press/Galactic Free Press FaceBook page
Galactic Wars – Is the Universe a battleground?
Inner Earth – Is Earth really hollow?
Making Changes to Prepare for Ascension
Meaning of Life
Moral Concepts
Mother and Father God
The Program
Twin Flames – What are Twin Flames?
Who are we and why are we here?
Why should I believe what you say?
Your Mission

Ascension – December 21, 2012. What’s up with that?
We are still on track to ascend on December 21 – this is when Mother Earth and Humanity will move into the Fifth Dimension. At this point, we don’t know exactly what that will look like.

Some people are choosing to stay in 3D. That is their choice and we do not judge them or try to convince them of anything. They will continue a 3D existence on Nibiru. It will be a little different than what we have experienced here on Earth because there will be no cabal or negative forces exerting control. People who move to Nibiru will eventually end up where we all end up – back with Source.

Between now and December, several events will occur. The Cabal will be removed once and for all. The old economic system will fall and be replaced with NESARA. There will be peace on Earth. Our craft will decloak. Disclosure of all sorts will occur – not only will our multi-dimensional existence and our inter-Galactic Family be revealed, but also our True History and The Truth about many events like 9/11.

At some point, Earth will be evacuated. Some people will go to Inner Earth and some will go aboard starships while Mother Earth takes her final step to 5D.

Ascension is Free (no money required) – Some people are charging money for things like “Ascension Lessons.” Should we pay for these?
Ascension is free. If you want to participate in paid courses, etc., that is entirely up to you but it is not necessary.

Awake – Are You Awake? What does this mean?
If you are reading this, you are probably Awake and on the path to full consciousness. You “wake up” when you realize the truth of who you are: a multi-dimensional Being (soul) having a 3D experience in a human body.

Reaching full consciousness is a process. The more open you are to it, the easier and quicker it is. Reaching full consciousness involves many things like embracing LOVE, Being LOVE, shedding your ego, and accepting and understanding Higher Truths. Although we are on the same path, each of us is unique and will have a unique experience. However, reaching out to and communicating with others who are going through the same process will help a lot.

Awakening Sessions – What Are Awakening Sessions?
Mother and Father God host awakening sessions for anybody who requests one. Participating in an awakening session will accelerate your process in achieving full consciousness and bring you more into the Oneness Energy. You will experience a greater connection to our Family and feel the LOVE even more than you do now. Donations are requested to pay the energy exchange forward but not required for these sessions.

Channeled Messages – What’s the deal?
The subject of Channeled Messages is a complicated one. Some channeled messages are very reliable but others are not. Any channeled message is compromised to some degree because it is filtered through somebody’s mind/ego. That doesn’t mean it can’t be true, though, because we all know The Truth about all sorts of things on some level. However, if a channeler is having issues with ego, the message or parts of the message may not be True.

We do not post channeled messages on The Press unless they are True. When you read a channeled message, you should always use your own discernment to see whether it resonates with you or not.

Death – No such thing?
There is no such thing as death. You are an eternal Being of Light. Death is another illusion that only exists in this program. When a Human body dies, the soul that was inhabiting it returns to Source.

Discernment – What do you mean when you say, “Use your own discernment?”
The only way to know for sure if something is True is to go within. Only your Heart can tell you if something is True. That’s what we mean when we say you should embrace what resonates with you – when you connect with Spirit, your Heart, your Soul, and your guides tell you what The Truth is. Your Higher Self knows The Truth about all of your experiences, such as your other incarnations. Your Higher Self also knows The Truth about everything that is happening right now, so when you form a good connection with your Higher Self, you will learn and remember a lot.

Donations – Why do you ask for donations?
We don’t like asking for donations but we have to do it in order to survive! Those of us who live on donations to The Press are earning less than minimum wage. We are in service to Humanity 24 hours a day. We only ask for donations from those who can share. When you make a LOVE share to us who are in service to Love, you get LOVE in return because in this dimension, money represents energy. It’s up to us whether we choose to make that energy positive or negative. Thank you to ALL who support our work.

Earth Allies – Who are the Earth Allies?
We are all Earth Allies. We incarnated here to be of service during the ascension process. We are also part of the Ground Crew. This distinguishes us from other Beings who are also helping but are in other places, like on starships.

Usually when you see a “Message from the Earth Allies” on the Galactic Free Press, it indicates that the message is from a staff member.

Earth History/Illuminati/Cabal
About 13,000 years ago, negative ET forces took control of Earth. They became known as “The Illuminati.” In the 1990’s these ET Illuminati turned back to The Light and left the planet. However, their human minions, known as “The Cabal,” refused to return to The Light and continued to run the planet and control Humanity.

The Cabal is made up of people like The Pope, Queen Elizabeth, The Black Pope and some Jesuits, members of some wealthy families like the Rothschilds, some Freemasons, some politicians, etc. The Cabal is being dealt with now and is falling. Some Cabal members, like Kim Jong Un, are being held in containment and showered with Light until they can embrace it again. Some have been taken off-planet. Some are being dealt with in our existing legal systems. Some have been engaged by The Underground Resistance Movement.

The existence of The Cabal is what has delayed the changes that were to be made before Ascension, such as the introduction of NESARA. Fortunately, The Cabal is about to lose control completely and finally.

Eating Meat – There have been a lot of debates about eating meat. Is it okay to eat meat?
You should do whatever brings you joy. If you want to eat meat, eat meat. If you don’t want to eat meat, don’t eat meat. There is nothing wrong with eating meat. It is best to focus on what is right for you. Worrying about what other people are eating or doing can keep you from focusing on what is truly important – your own spiritual development and raising your vibration. Focusing on what others are doing that you may perceive as “wrong” can keep you trapped in the illusion.

Ego – What do you mean by Ego? Why are you always talking about Ego?
Anything that is not your authentic self is Ego, also called unconsciousness. This includes concepts like vanity, arrogance, and control issues. It also includes concepts like low self-esteem, aggression, and dishonesty. Ego comes from fear. The ego is actually the program which is all lower thought systems such as thoughts of fear, pain, suffering, shame, guilt, unworthiness, and the list goes on. In Truth those lower thoughts are just illusionary and are not real. Every Moment Humanity has 2 choices to choose Love or fear. LOVE is real. Fear is not. Fear and lower thoughts are what continues and feeds the illusion on the Planet. Through choosing Love we are breaking this bond to the lower and we begin to serve for the Highest Good of ourselves and others. This is the Mission at hand.

In order to free yourself from The Program, you must shed your Ego. This is not something that will happen all at once. It’s a process and it can be difficult for some. Stick with it and make conscious efforts to shed your Ego. Every Ego bit that you toss away makes you Light-er, raises your vibration and brings you closer to being in a constant state of Joy.

When We talk about your Ego, don’t take it personally. It’s not a bad thing. Nobody is trying to insult you by pointing out that you have an Ego. Everybody in The Program has developed an Ego and everybody who wants to move to a higher vibration has to start shedding their Ego. When you begin to understand this, you will laugh about it and embrace efforts to release Ego.

We suggest you sit by a tree and have a funeral for your Ego. Yes, you may have to do this more than once.

The Galactic Free Press/Galactic Free Press FaceBook page
The Galactic Free Press (also known as “The Press”) is like our headquarters here on Mother Earth. You can reach The Press AT THIS LINK. We strive to present the Highest Truths on The Press and are very careful about what we post. Reading the articles on The Press is the best way to stay informed on events related to ascension and to learn about the process of becoming fully conscious.

You can reach our FaceBook page AT THIS LINK. Our FaceBook page is one outlet of The Press. Members are free to post what they like and this means that not everything you read on the FaceBook page is true or approved by us.

It has come to our attention that many members of the FaceBook group do not understand what is happening in terms of ascension or becoming fully conscious. Some members are not on the same page with us and we would like to change that. This is the time to come together and experience the Oneness Energy. December 21 is almost here and we don’t have any time to waste in waking people up. This is something that everybody must participate in, we can’t do it all ourselves. We can’t do everything for you. You must be open to developing and embracing LOVE and Truth. Please reach out to share what you know with others.

This is also a good time to stop reacting to 3D events. If you are reacting to 3D events and news with negative emotions, please go within and recenter yourself in LOVE. 3D events and news are illusions. This is the time to remove your energy from The Program, not invest more energy in it. If you are finding this difficult, you might choose to ignore 3D news for a while. Focus on the positive and the new Earth that we are co-creating instead. Focus on your own spiritual development. Focus on your mission and discover how you can best be of service.

Galactic Wars – Is the Universe a battleground?
NO! Earth is the only screwed up place left! This is very good news. Don’t worry. Be happy.

Inner Earth – Is Earth really hollow?
Yes, Earth is hollow. There is a 5D civilization inside Earth called Agartha. You may have heard of Telos and Shambhala – these are two major cities in Agartha. Agarthans look like us but they are taller. Most Agarthans went inside Earth when Atlantis fell.

Most people cannot enter Agartha because their vibration is not high enough. We will reconnect with our Inner Earth family some time before December 21st.

Karma – What about karma?
Through Divine Intervention, the karmic cycle has been broken. There will be no karmic debt from your incarnation here.

Making Changes to Prepare for Ascension – Some people say we need to make changes, like becoming vegetarian or starting yoga, in order to ascend. Is this true?
You do not have to make any changes you don’t want to. Doing whatever brings you joy is right action. You may notice that the things that bring you joy change over time, so go with the flow.


What is the meaning of life?
To evolve spiritually, To Love Yourselves and all of creation

Moral Concepts – How can you say that the bad things that people do are not wrong?
There is no such thing as “bad,” “wrong,” or “evil.” There is also no such thing as “good” or “right.” These are 3D concepts that only exist in this illusion. In the higher dimensions, there is only LOVE. Again, focusing on things that you perceive  as “bad” or “wrong” in this illusion can keep you from raising your vibration and attending to your own spiritual development.

Mother and Father God – Who are Mother and Father God?
We are your spiritual parents. We created Earth and Humanity in the Image of Us=Love. We incarnated here on Mother Earth = Heart just like you, to serve Humanity and Mother Earth and to bring Humanity Home into The Light.

The Program – What do you mean when you refer to “The Program?”
The Program, The Matrix, and The Illusion all refer to the same thing. Nothing in this dimension is real. Our goal is to realize this and break free. This may be the most difficult Truth for many people to grasp. Your understanding of this likely will not come all at once. As you raise your vibration, develop spiritually, and embrace LOVE as the only real emotion, your understanding of The Program and other issues will increase.

Time – Time is an Illusion
Time is a 3D concept. There is really no such thing as time. It does not exist in the higher dimensions. This is why you will often hear us refer to “The Present Moment of Now.” By understanding that time is not real and focusing on and existing in the NOW, you help to free yourself from The Program. In The Present Moment of Now, Love is everywhere present. As you develop spiritually, you will be able to understand this more and more.

Twin Flames – What are Twin Flames?
When a soul is created, it has two parts. The masculine part is 51% masculine and 49% feminine. The feminine part is 51% feminine and 49% masculine. All of you have a twin flame. Mother and Father God are twin flames, for example.

This is an unusual time for Twin Flames. Usually they do not incarnate at the same time. One twin will stay in a higher dimension and “overlight” or help and guide the other. However, because of the ascension process, many Twin Flames have incarnated here at the same time. This is because when Twin Flames unite, they create a unified field that generates a lot of Light. And lots of Light is what we need to help us ascend!

If your Twin Flame is here and you are meant to unite, you will. A series of synchronistic events will bring you together. However, it will probably not be an easy relationship at first, because your Twin will mirror all the things about yourself that you don’t like. Ultimately this is helpful because it assists you in shedding your ego but it does not always make for an easy relationship.

We all want to be with our Twin Flames. In fact, you can always connect with your Twin Flame or your Twin Flame’s Higher Self by connecting in (through meditation or however you choose to connect). However, focusing too much on your Twin Flame or pining away for them only keeps you from focusing on what is really important – your own spiritual development. Remember that a Twin Flame relationship will likely be disastrous if either one of you or both of you have neglected your own development.

All relationships in the Higher Dimensions are Twin Flame relationships. So don’t despair. Your Twin Flame is always within reach and you will end up together at some point.

Who are we and why are we here?
We are all advanced multi-dimensional Beings from other planets. Your soul is currently residing in a human body, having a 3D experience.  

In 1947, we all met because we wanted to answer Gaia’s call for help. The plans for Ascension that we made then are being carried out right now. Believe it or not, you chose to be here for this purpose.

We came through the Pleiades to be here. We have all been incarnated on Earth before. In most of those lifetimes, you probably did not realize The Truth of who you really are. This lifetime is different. This is the one time where you are supposed to wake up to The Truth and you are receiving unprecedented help to do so. Never before has so much Light been shone on Mother Earth.

We are receiving help from all over the universe. There are thousands of cloaked ships in our atmosphere and 24 larger motherships further out. Your Higher Self is on one of those ships helping you with your mission. While you sleep, you are also on the ship, integrating with your Higher Self to help.

Because we are multi-dimensional Beings, we can be in more than one place at once. The You that is reading this right now is really only one aspect of the whole You! As you develop spiritually, you will integrate more with your Higher Self and start to remember more about all your other experiences, past and present.

Why should I believe what you say?
We do not ask anyone to believe what we say. We and The Galactic Free Press provide you with information that is of the Highest Truth. It is up to you to decide what to do with that information.

Your Mission – What is my mission?
Your mission is to be LOVE in action.

Beyond that, everybody on Earth now is here to be of service. It’s time to step into your Divine Role. As you become more conscious, your Divine Role will become more apparent to you. If you’re not sure what to do, ask for guidance. Ask, “How AM I meant to use my unique gifts to best serve Humanity and Mother Earth at this time?”

Dive in! Try something. If it turns out that that something is not your mission, try something else.


If You have More Questions for us or would Like to request an Awakening Session you can contact us Here