Source: Galactic Free Press.Commentary from The Galactic Free Press~ Although per our research we have not found any current accurate Nibiru Information, We are sharing part 1 and part 2 of this for Your Awareness Only. As this does contain some really good information. Thank You for Using Your Discernment. The Highest Outcome for Humanity is Underway and the end of duality is arriving for this Planet. Love The Earth Allies   Will Berlinghof Part Two Q: May I ask a couple questions please? CA: Please do so. Q: Thank you. Where exactly is Nibiru right now? Is it far still from earth? Or when do you think that it would be seen with the naked eye? CA: The point of the matter is that it may never be seen by the naked eye. For it is using the sun to disguise its approach. And quite honestly, if one can actually see Nibiru with the naked eye it would be too late. For this would mean that the planet (Nibiru) is so close that it will have a horrendous effect on the planet (Earth). This Awareness will speak about this timeline for a moment. That if it comes to it that one can see the planet, it is a time when the effect of Nibiru will be so extreme that many will be seeing these extremities all around them, as they express themselves in geophysical upheaval and absolute pandemonium and anarchy amongst the people. That by then, all will know that they have been lied to, that their officials, their authorities, their leaders have left them in the cold and many will become rebellious in their attitudes and hostile. That these scenarios have often been presented by many of your science fiction writers and that this is the type of timeline that could occur if one could actually see Nibiru. However, this timeline does not need to occur. For, at this time, there are those agents of the Galactic Federation who are preparing to countermand such a close approach. It is seen that there are vessels of the Galactic Federation that are, at this time, creating a type of space corridor that will deflect planet Nibiru’s approach so it does not come as close as it is projected at this time. The Galactic Federational forces, the ones who are at the highest levels, are very aware that this is part of a divine plan. They cannot intrude to the point of eradicating Nibiru so it poses no threat, for this would not be in accordance to the divine plan. But they can, indeed, help and assist to defer the overwhelming catastrophe for those whose timelines are not in agreement with such an event, those who have come to the planet for purposes other than a catastrophic scenario or timeline. Thus it is, this Awareness can say that there are indeed forces in action now that will prevent the planet Nibiru coming so close, prevent any of her asteroids or trailing moons to slam into the Earth or to cause even the gravest upheaval and destruction that could happen if one truly was on a timeline where one could see Nibiru with the naked eye. Therefore it may be in these alternative timelines it may be that one never truly sees Nibiru from the ground with the naked eye and that the planet’s approach will not be one that they are ever aware of, if they are of that mindset and of that purpose that they will not experience such a catastrophic event. That this is yet another series of timelines where Nibiru’s effect will still have some bearing, will still affect humanity, will allow the shift in consciousness that is the divine plan, but will not be the destructive force it could be or will be for some on those timelines where they can see Nibiru with their own eyes. Q: I see. What is the timing for Nibiru to have completely passed the earth? CA: It is a timing that is often quoted by this Awareness, rather the date December 21, 2012 is the date often mentioned by this Awareness and of course many many sources. This is not the date when it is fully away from the Earth, but this is the date that its energies will come together with other events, that the corridor of light this Awareness has spoken of will come into existence. And that it is this date that would mark the final affect of Nibiru. After December 21 it will start to have a waning influence. Thus it is that the events preceding will also be matched by events after the climax point of December 21, 2012. That these effects will carry on for at least four to five months. But after approximately six months, the influence of Nibiru will no longer be that which it is at this time and which it will be in the months ahead. Q: So it’s quite possible then, come December, that there will be people who will not be fully aware that anything is happening. Is that correct? CA: This is so, but this Awareness will qualify this. Much will be happening. They simply will not be aware of why things are happening. A blissful ignorance, if you will, that they will simply go through many changes. Many changes will occur for all, but they will not totally be aware of why. They will simply go with the flow and, as this Awareness spoke earlier, that the new norm is one of increased violence and upheaval. In their new norm, the world will simply then be what the world then is and they will continue with their lives. They will adjust to the events that have occurred, and perhaps never realize the greater spiritual reasons why. Therefore it is possible for those who wish to stay on the physical planet A/B but experience the new realities, that they may come through the events of these times, these end times, and have to deal with the upheavals that they experience but then come through and rebuild their lives, not realizing there was a spiritual element involved at all. It is not to say that they will not experience any changes in their lives. For all around will change radically. The dark ones who are in power will be swept away in those timelines of that which is balanced and harmonious Planet A/B. And there will be disclosure, and exposure of the plans of those who have held power, who are the ones in in control, those who are at the top of the pyramid. Those ones will no longer be left in power. The events will also change the earth and there will be adjustments that need to be made by those who survive. But ultimately they may never realize the full effect and reason for the changes for their souls’ purpose is not to go down that path, but to simply be an experience of survival in most outstanding times and resume afterwards with a “new normal” life. Does this answer your question? Q: Yes it does, and I appreciate that on behalf of membership. Should this go onto the website, onto the forum? Or be published as an alert or whatever, an update? CA: This Awareness leaves this for those in the organization who would make such judgments, but this Awareness would say that this is a message of high priority that must be shared as quickly as possible. To wait for an issue of the newsletter several months in advance would indeed limit the effectiveness of this message in this moment at this time. Thus, many who would be advantaged by the information this Awareness has shared would not, perhaps, get this information for several months, and time is indeed extremely critical – at this time. Therefore this Awareness would suggest that this be released as an urgent update. Q: Very good, I will request that it be put on the forum, or on the website rather, and also request Vicki to have it sent to the land subscribers so that they are also aware. Is that OK, would that be sufficient? CA: That this would be sufficient as to the nature of this message. It will also be released on the Interpreter’s website as well, a coordinated effort. Q: That is good, that’s great, fantastic. OK, I will let Lloyd know of that and Vicki as well. On behalf of membership, I really appreciate the lowdown or being informed of what’s up. Thank you so much. CA: That it is indeed important for the effects of Nibiru that have truly begun in this month, in the middle portion, even though it was a build up, will get more and more extreme. And that it is imperative that as many as possible learn of this, for they are the ones that are meant to have a more positive experience. Thus this message is part of the preparation for those who have designed it this way. And it is important now to release this timely information as quickly as possible. Q: Thank you Awareness, and also thanks to the Galactic Federation to their efforts to help humanity. Both are very much appreciated. Thank you so much. CA: Indeed this Awareness will make comment about the Galactic Federation. Many do not think they are doing anything. But this Awareness must say here, at this time, that the efforts of the Galactic Federation are the efforts that have prevented major catastrophes that were planned from occurring up to this moment. They have mitigated the more adverse effects of the powers that be that would have already seen humanity already plummet into chaos and upheaval, be but they have held it together, unvouched for, unnoticed, and unacknowledged. That this Awareness would say it is not their goal for fame and recognition. They do this for it is part of their involvement in the divine unfolding as well. But this Awareness does say that they are very active indeed at this point even, they are holding together the earth’s tectonic grid work, the templates, the plates of the mantel of Mother Earth’s surface. For once they are released, as was the previous plan, there would be extreme earthquakes and volcanic eruptions and weather shifts. That there is a point off of the continent of Australia that the Interpreter and wife and friends, Rick and Brett, observe nightly where the ships of the Galactic Federation are over the southern ocean. The intent to hold the gridwork of the planet together, for this plate, this position is a kingpin and that the battle has been raging between the Galactic Federation, in their attempt to daily to hold this together, and the Orion/Reptilians who have been trying to prevent this action, for they know that the longer the gridwork is held together the stronger the positive effect will be for those who are here to experience the timelines where they do not simply experience absolute destruction because of the earth’s calamity and catastrophe.. That this is seen by the Interpreter every night as well as by the others that he has around him. That this Awareness says to remember that the Galactic Federations are indeed doing much to keep things together. That they are not always as obvious, and many of the sightings of late are not always the Galactic Federation, for they are busy in their attempts to keep things together. That also there are many who are saying that the Galactic Federation forces are negative ones that they are behind this; this Awareness refutes this. The Galactic Federation are enlightened beings of the twelve planets who have come together to assist planet Earth in her ascension. They serve the highest order, the highest cause. That those who would claim otherwise must always be suspected, for it is simply not so. Yet if it their choice to have this experience and to believe such rhetoric that it is also part of their journey. But this Awareness refutes, again, that the Galactic Federational forces are the ones that are here to destroy humanity. It is those who have been the masters for the past 13,000 years that are those who have the intent of enslavement and destruction. That the Galactic Federational beings, the Federational forces are very much on the job and are doing so without any recognition or need to be acknowledged. They know why they are here. They know what it is coming. And it is their wish to assist the many who will move forward at this time and ascend one way or another or will progress to the new harmonized balanced Planet A/B, where they will most definitely be available and they will indeed participate in the new Planet A/B scenario. This Awareness is complete. Q: Thank you. We can still say thank you though, right? CA: Indeed, it is requested by this Awareness, by those who have an understanding of what is occurring, an awareness of the Galactic Federations, to send as much positive energy to them, to know that there are those on the job, who are most definitely here at this time to assist in the positive evolution of the many who are here to ascend and to move into higher states of consciousness and into new experiences of dualistic existence. Q: Thank you. There is just one side question concerning the planet Nibiru that comes from Edie Bell. I’ll just read it and then check to see if there is any additional that should be offered. She writes: “The planet Nibiru has a great magnetic field which will affect the people’s brains and minds. That this magnetic pulse will wipe out our memories, knowledge, and life experiences. That we will remember nothing, be like baby children.” Is this true? CA: For those on a timeline where this would be appropriate, this is true. But it not true across the board, for this can only occur for those who stay at a certain level of physicality. Part of the ascension experience is to introduce the energies of the light bodies. And the light bodies are the energetic form that is the template of the physical form. And if one has access to the higher templates, the higher body of the light form, then it will not be so. But for those whose intent and desire, it may be to move, for example, to the new harmonized and balanced Planet A/B scenario, it may be that in their physical form it is so, and they may forget many of those who they lost, who did not choose this path and this reality. In the end, it could be seen as that which will spare much pain and grief, for those souls who wish to continue may do so without such grief at their heart, in their heart do to the loss of their loved ones, due to the loss of a land they once knew, a country that was once theirs, and in a way this could be more of a blessing than a curse. Also there is that aspect of the loss of memory that would allow certain ones who wish to have a more brutal experience on Planet B could forget their own humanity. For it is seen that many of the timelines in the Planet B scenario will be very violent and animalistic, a timeline of experience where the civility of humans, that which is civilization itself, is lost, and for them to remember what is once was would be contrary to the purpose of this experience and experiment. Thus the absence of memory to what was may allow those who are choosing to live in the energies of Planet B the opportunity to do so without reflection to what once was, without interference of what once was. They will simply be in the total experience of Planet B, fully engaged, fully involved, without the useless memories of the past. Therefore the purpose of this aspect of Nibiru is multifold indeed. It will affect some. It will affect others more. And some will not be affected at all. Q: Interesting. Is there any additional information that we should be aware of? CA: This completes this information for now. There is always more information for a later time. Q: That will be fine. Thank you. We appreciate this.