Spirit Train Chronicles


A Period of Transition

I AM the Great Divine Director. Today I come with greetings from the Ascended Masters for those ascending ones and our brothers and sisters who are just now in the process of waking up.

In the Northern Hemisphere of your dear planet, great storms are brewing, sweeping clean vast regions of the collective miasma of the ages.  In the Southern Hemisphere, strange weather systems are bringing snow to places where it has never come before.  Everywhere there is a cleansing undergoing.  Mud and rain have come to tropical and mountainous regions of South America.  Huge typhoons and tropical storms are battering the coasts and mountains of China and the Philippines bringing disaster to coastal cities, small villages and outlying areas.  All of these occurrences have brought with them loss of property and in some instances, loss of life.   Yet we tell you now the disasters…

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