Starship Earth: The Big Picture

This is revealing some super-secret , jaw-dropping stuff, by the sound of it…

This paper that you are about to read may be one of the most important things you have read in a long time.  I’m not going to lie to you, it is not a quick and easy read- you are going to need a clear head and to have your thinking caps well planted on your cranium.  The gentleman who wrote this paper is genius squared but he worked very hard on bringing this information down to the “layman” level in terms of language and explanations of some extremely in depth science.  As you read this, you will realize just how much of the science that you learned in school is backwards.

As my friend Aaron, of Soldier Hugs has to say:

We all know the “NEW WORLD ORDER”  conspiracy exists, but what you DON’T know is the SUPER SECRET science…

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