Hi Friends,

I thought you may enjoy reading my write up following my 10 days in Sedona, Arizona, when I gave a talk at both Conferences, and in the second one a short channelled message from SaLuSa. It was a fantastic experience, I thank all of you who attended them.

Arrived home Saturday after a 28 hour journey “door to door”, and obviously tired out, but I have to say it was all well worth it. I arrived back home at midday and held on until 10.00pm, but I couldn’t last out any longer and slept for 11 hours until 9.00am Sunday morning. I cannot remember the last time I ever slept so long, if ever at all.

I thought that overall the conference was well run and very professionally presented, and one appreciates that a lot of hard work was put in by many people to produce it. To meet my friends the real people behind their voice/photograph has been a wonderful experience, and what a great team they have been. I would not like to single out anyone for a mention, but could not help noticing how much effort both Dave and Stephen put in, and I thought it was brave of Stephen to open his heart and share his personal life with us. He showed that even through adversity you can lift yourself up. Sierra Neblina a Pleiadian “Walk In” did a very good job of leading and inspiring the team, and her own personal story was extremely interesting. I appreciated her confirmation that I was also a Walk In, and it explains my apparent loss of memory for the first 3/4 years of “my” life. Wes Annac yet another “Walk In”, told us his personal story which was very touching, and along with his talk both were very interesting. The response to his personal situation that revealed his family were living in poverty, showed that everyone at the Conference had hearts of gold. I was also pleased to learn from Linda Dillon that the people who were listed to go on the Spaceship Neptune flight, did so in their dream state the day before it was due to take place.

I saw each Speaker with their own special skills, Blossom Goodchild who gave her talk and solo performance as Shirley Valentine, and used her acting skills all the way through. Geoff West talked with his analytical skills, Dave Schmidt used his experience as a politician to make his point, Suzy Ward showed her ability mixing humor with fact, Genii Townsend showed her emotional involvement in the Cities of Light, Steve Beckow is ever the “Mr Cool” never getting flummoxed by anything. Graham Dewyea is ever infusing us with happiness in what he is doing. Linda Dillon is confident and assured of her abilities. Stephen Cook did everything with great feeling. Wes Annac showed that although a young man, he is a very old soul. Sierra Neblina was a natural leader with a gentle authority.

I knew that I was being prompted to give a live message at the Conference, so I had no hesitation in trying it. I was not totally comfortable doing it, and feel I have learnt something from it if I attempt it again. The plus point out of it was that a few of our team saw me morph. when I was giving the message, and said that my eyes got darker and my face a bit longer. I guess it is reasonable to assume that SaLuSa overshadowed me, and someone suggested that I was an aspect of him.

I have to mention the kindness of Nina and Bracken to invite the team to Xanadu, and what a lovely experience it was. The domed buildings were each a showpiece and it was such a colourful presentation. I must also mention our visit to the home of Barry Kapp and his wife Cynthia who live in Cornville, who also have a wonderful place with so much to admire. We were treated to what they told us would be a casual lunch, that turned out to be a wonderful banquet with some delicious dishes I had never eaten before. I thank them all for their generosity and welcome.

Being my first visit to America I am left with some observations, such as they eat most meals with just a fork, whereas in Gt. Britain there are few times that we do not also use our knife. It also seemed odd to be served a small salad before my main meal, but I gather that is traditional in the U.S. I was also surprised that at the end of a meal you do not have a coffee which our restaurants always offer you. I think that perhaps we are bigger coffee drinkers than most people realise.

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience as most people noticed, but I hope I also helped others enjoy it too. It was so nice for me and SaLuSa to receive such appreciation for our work. The audience’s were great and particularly the first one, they took no time at all to join in full heartedly with the release of immense loving feelings and joy that were shared with everyone. I thank all those who made it possible, and will always retain my memory of such a wonderful crowd of people who travelled from all over the world to be at the Conferences.

With Love and Best Wishes to all of my Dear Friends.

Mike Quinsey/