(Note from Dejavu) I just wanted to post this update from Camelot, we are at the point when Disclosure NEEDS to happen! So, here is the message. I Love you all, Namaste’! Dear All, DON’T MISS THIS: WEDNESDAY NIGHT, NOVEMBER 7, 2012 AT 11PM PST / 11 PM EST OUR PROJECT CAMELOT TV PILOT : THE MARS PROJECT : IS AIRING ON TRU TV!!! Spread the Word!!! http://projectcamelotportal.com/kerrys-blog/1407-the-project-camelot-tv-show-is-airing-tomorrow-at-trutv STARRING BOB DEAN, DAVID WILCOCK, GORDON NOVEL, RICHARD C. HOAGLAND, BRIAN O’LEARY AND MANY MORE… The Project Camelot TV PILOT to AIR WED NIGHT ON TruTV A heads up to everyone following Project Camelot’s work, tomorrow night the “long lost” Project Camelot TV Show pilot will finally air! The Show is called “Shadow Operations” : THE MARS PROJECT. With Bob Dean, David Wilcock, Richard Hoagland, Brian O’Leary and Gordon Novel plus several others this is a NOT TO BE MISSED EVENT!! This is DISCLOSURE IN A BOX… Please spread the word and get everyone you know to tune in to this show LIVE when it airs: 11 PM PST and EST. Click here for TruTV schedule Official listing description: ShadowOperations:TheMars Project Pilot The investigative work of Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy who have devoted their lives delving into secretive and undercover phenomenon that the government, scientists, and officials refuse to acknowledge or talk about.