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A very interesting event
11-25-2012 Time Shift update: The CME [coronal mass ejection] that forecasters expected to hit Earth on 11-24-2012 has disappeared. This CME was the 2nd in a consecutive wave of CME forecast to hit Earth. One of the ways that scientists kno
w that a CME hit is imminent come from the ACE spacecraft readings that spoke as the CME passes it on its way to Earth. ACE did record a sharp rise in energy particles. But after that the CME that caused the spike vanished somewhere between the ACE spacecraft and Earth.So what happened to that CME? Where did it go? Based on past incidents like this, the CME more than likely hit Earth as expected. But the time line edits it triggered literally edited out the CME hit itself. So while it still exists and hit Earth as expected, in co-existing time lines, in this…

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