Spiraling Sapien to Spiritus — Evolution of Earth Now Ascension is a method of consciously moving from one world to another, taking your body with you. This spiraling step is unavoidable/needed for evolution. It involves every aspect of the planet, from the tiniest speck of sand to the swirling cosmos: all operate on spirals and criss-crossing grids.. The Christ Consciousness grid was put up a mere 16,000 years ago, when our “planetary quarantine” began. Evolution to Spiritus in higher dimensions can be seen/perceived in chromosomes and in height. Currently, we have 44 plus 2 chromosomes (2 strands), and we are 5 to 7 feet tall. The next level of evolution is 46 plus 2 chromosomes (12 strands), and the height range is from ten to sixteen feet. This next level — which I am calling Spiritus — is of unity memory aligned with instant manifestation. (remembrance = realities, emotions = realities) This is a planet wide collective of Christed Beings projecting / co-creating simultaneously. At this level (Spiritus 44 plus 2), there is only one consciousness that moves through everything — its key is memory. This is what immortality is all about. Immortality is not living in a body forever…because there is always some place higher to move. The KEY (to Ascension) is not having a break in consciousness as you move through the different levels — not having memory loss — and being able to leave when you want and continuing to know where you’ve been. The primary purpose of etheric and geographic pyramids is to move our consciousness upward from Sapien to Spiritus. Pyramids are fourth dimensional and link the consciousness of our evolutionary pattern with galactic logarithmic spirals. Deep below every pyramid are tiny spiraled temple cities inlaid with crystals to hold grids in place. Every singly life form on the planet has a grid — and electromagnetic, geometrically shaped energy field — connected with it… All of these grids extend around the entire planet. These grids subtend an average of sixty feet below the surface to about sixty miles above it…. spiraling around the planet. There are three grids for human consciousness around the planet. The first one is 43 plus 2 the one. We are in now is forty four plus two and — as of 1989 –there is the third grid which is the Christ consciousness grid of forty-six plus two. Without the grid, no (inhabitants of a) planet can go into that level of Ascension. 16,000 years ago or so, Thoth and others created 83,000 sacred sites all over the planet in Fibonacci spirals from a fourth dimensional level. Then beginning 13,000 years ago until NOW, they drew humans from the four winds of all walks of life to build pyramids, temples and churches upon these energy sites…within the third dimension. NOW, this planet wide Fibonacci spiral is getting activated as we blast through the fourth dimensional to the fifth and beyond as our evolutionary leap into Spiritus happens…and this is what we are experiencing now: bodily, etherically, soulfully,emotionally. The center of this planet-wide Fibonacci spiral is a series of several pyramids in Egypt. And below these pyramids is a huge ship buried for the shift we are about to experience. The purpose of this vessel is to be operated by a Master when we make the dimensional shift from our current 3rd/4th dimensional frequency to fifth and higher…the ship is able to project an alternate “higher” reality to avoid catastrophes during this time, if operated by one/many who project love. The poles will shift at the exact moment or near the time in which this shift occurs, causing a perceived 20-72 period of darkness as humanity connects to the next grid. Those who can activate their own merkaba will go through this transition with no problems. ((Cyclically, 16,000 years ago, this last occurred and Thoth had brought thousands of Masters to the pyramid, and they projected great love, grids, and peace upon the planet, and also changed our calendar from 360 to 365 days…However, they forgot to project landmasses and dimensional frequencies, so these were totally different after the 3.5 days, with the planet sinking down to 3D with much of the land under water, and watery places now land. We do NOT want to repeat this.)) (Note from Dejavu: An email I received from Crow Birchstrong)