Leaving It All Behind

to go and people seem to be in one of two places at the present time.

Some seem to be hurrying and scurrying to do many things – zeroing in on the cabal, battling issues, preparing for what they conceive to be the “end times” or, as some people see it, the “end of the world,” etc. (Hmmm…. How might one prepare for something like that?)

And another group seems to be settling into being, relaxing, wrapping up what’s been left undone, or just leaving it and simply becoming present to what is, or may be, happening in the world.

What divides the one from the other in many cases is who they’re reading. Those who’ve been following the advice given by the Company of Heaven in their many channeled messages or columns by such commentators as Patricia Diane Cota Robles (gosh, she really is in a class by herself, I believe) are as apprized of what may be happening as anyone in the world, short of those who spend conscious time shipboard or speak directly with higher-dimensional beings.

The latter group are finding themselves less and less interested in what’s happening in the outside world and more and more drawn to what’s happening inside. And what’s happening inside?

Bliss is arising, first and foremost. The blissful Comforter (the Holy Spirit) is making her presence known. The all-coveted bliss of God is descending. The peace that passeth understanding is making itself felt. And this is having the desired effect on those who are open to it.

Gradually all that’s unimportant, impermanent, or distracting is falling by the wayside for the second group. The roar and din of the crowd is fading into the background and the confident expectancy of something transformative is rising to the surface.

Differences that divided us are appearing less and less important. Matters that unite us are rising naturally into consciousness. People seem to be settling down. Even emails that raised so many issues and took exception to every error or questionable statement are becoming fewer and fewer as people’s attention is captured by the rising wave of love that’s slowly sweeping across this planet as what Terence McKenna called “timewave zero” and “the zeropoint singularity” approaches.

Meditation becomes just the way we be of a day and peace becomes the air we breathe and the water we swim in. Who we are ceases to matter as identity gradually dissolves in bliss. We be who we are rather than worrying about who we are. How we appear, what others think of us, what we dearly wanted to do … all of these fall away as we’re gently lifted onto another level of being and relating.

I sat across from my wife at breakfast this morning and it was as if we’d just met. We were a mite silly with each other and all of it was very playful and very much like two people in love in the earliest days.

On my way back, I stopped to feed the pigeons with three bags of seed, as I so often do, in the center of town, and stood watch over them to see that no one disturbed their feeding by shooing them away. Nothing was more enjoyable at that moment of time than simply being with such gentle creatures.

Afterwards, there was nothing I felt like doing and I forced myself to read the mail and get to work. But all the time I felt myself wafted away on feelings of peacefulness and bliss.

In the early evening, I listened to Geoff West’s Cosmic Vision News and was delighted to hear him read “The Declaration of World Peace.” And I listened to it. It’s from Archangel Michael and I so enjoyed it that I was almost wafted away.

It doesn’t take much these days to win me away from whatever I’m doing, providing that something is loving or compassionate. I’m not quite sure how I’ll get through the last thirteen days. You may have to get my attention. Ring the bell. Blow the horn. I may be “somewhere else.”

It isn’t a case of saying “goodbye to all that.” “All that” just falls away from the attention. The way I am now is as far as I got. I don’t intend to do another thing consciously that has to do with Third-Dimensional me. Whatever was done is done; whatever was undone will be left undone.

Whatever is arising, whatever is coming is all that interests me now. It’ll be interesting indeed to see how to keep working as the bliss continues to mount.

I don’t think leaving Third Dimensionality will be any more difficult than a helium balloon rising into the sky. Does anyone have to give a helium balloon instructions? I think not.

Similarly here. This situation does not require a user’s manual. This lifting up is the most natural thing I can conceive of, a no-brainer, something that can be done in a fit of absence of mind. Distinctly something that can be done in a fit of absence of mind. An absence of identity. An absence of … everything I formerly would cling to…. An absence of….