Namaste’! So, I just wanted to write a small post in hopes to get other opinions. In our house we have a few pairs of solar glasses and periodically look at the sun. It’s a lot of fun, and very humbling to see the sun in all it’s glory! Sometimes you catch sun spots, sometimes not. We have been noticing as of late that the Sun looks huge, and I mean huge! High noon sun looks like the setting sun on the ocean. It has seemed so big in the sky for the last month or two. Has anyone else noticed this? It sure looks like we’re getting a whole lot closer to it! We have also noticed that even on a very cold day the Suns rays are extremely intense. It could be 20 degrees outside and as soon as you go sit in the car and are shielded from the cold, the sun is so intense! If anyone has any input I would greatly appreciate it! I Love you all, and can you believe it?! We are only 5 days away!!! Yesss!!! Namaste’!