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Toronto plays host to International UFO/ET Disclosure Media Event

Victor Viggiani, Examiner.com, Jan. 28, 2013,


A consortium of Toronto based UFO disclosure advocates under the direction of Chris Russak fromThird Eye Talks, will host a special international preview event for the press and general public on Thursday February 7th 2013 to promote the Citizen Hearings on ET Disclosure sponsored by Paradigm Research Group (PRG) Executive Director Stephen G. Bassett.

This premier Toronto Disclosure event will preview what many are describing as spectacular yet disquieting testimony by over 30 witnesses’ acquired by Stephen G. Bassett concerning the extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race. This testimony will be given at the prestigious Washington DC National Press Club later this spring in April.

Toronto Keynote Address and Presentations

Former Canadian Minister of Defense The Hon. Paul T. Hellyer will deliver the evening’s keynote…

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