Note from Dejavu; Make sure you check out the links at the bottom of this article. “If it moves – tax it.” Unfortunately, that’s how the Big Government crowd in Washington thinks these days. And now, members of BOTH parties in Congress are working feverishly to unleash a new National Internet Tax Mandate – setting the stage for government at all levels to take another heaping of your money. My good friends over at Campaign for Liberty are leading the charge to mobilize hundreds of thousands of Americans to stop the National Internet Tax Mandate. Please take a moment to read the letter below from Campaign for Liberty President John Tate about how you can help fight back. Congress is expected to move on the National Internet Tax Mandate any day now, so your IMMEDIATE action is needed. In Liberty, Ron Paul Dear Ron, Call it the Valentine’s Day Tax Massacre. Statists in Congress have introduced S. 336, the National Internet Tax Mandate. Of course, the tax-and-spenders sponsoring the bill mislabeled it the “Marketplace Fairness Act.” Designed as a fat Valentine’s Day “I LOVE YOU” to big spending politicians, this dangerous bill would hand the federal government massive new controls over state tax policies and set the stage for government at all levels to take another helping of your money via the Internet. That’s why it’s critical you sign the petitions I’ve made up for you DEMANDING your Representative and Senators vote “NO” on the statists’ National Internet Tax Mandate scheme. I’ll give you the link shortly, but first let me explain exactly why this is so important… Currently, because of the Founders’ vision for our country, states are “laboratories” – free to set their own tax policies. High tax, big spending, highly regulatory state governments send businesses and citizens alike fleeing across state lines in search of more liberty. But under the National Internet Tax Mandate scheme, the statists are setting the stage to bring it all to a crashing halt. Under the new National Internet Tax Mandate: *** All Americans would see their taxes go up as big spending governors of BOTH parties work with the federal government’s IRS goons to implement a state sales tax on ALL goods purchased online. Big spending governors are running their states into bankruptcy, and – instead of reducing spending – they want the IRS to force YOU to bail them out with new Internet taxes! *** Tax collectors in one state would now be free to pursue retailers across state lines. For example, if a customer in New York makes a purchase from an online retailer in Texas, that retailer MUST collect New York’s exorbitant sales taxes and send it to New York’s tax collection agencies; *** New and higher taxes would CRUSH economic growth and set the stage for massive new regulations that threaten the very existence of the Internet. Make no mistake. This is all bad enough on its face. But it’s hardly the end of it. You and I both know, under the guise of “national security,” establishment bureaucrats are already feverishly looking for new ways to trace, track, and register all Americans’ online activity. What you read. What you buy. What videos you watch. What you write about THEM. Now the one-world socialists at the United Nations want in on the action, as well.